Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bad News

I should be studying, but I really can't focus, I haven't been able to focus all day.
We found out Yesterday that Doozer has Lymphoma... Looking online he probably has juvenile lymphoma which basically means he doesn't have too long....
We're gunna get him a prescription medication that will hopefully make life more comfortable for him. Blah!
I wasn't expecting that news! I was thinking he had Moose's problem or something..... the vet was talking about all kinds of treatment options (not that you can cure it) and I was kind of frozen in shock. We can't afford all that crap! And it would only expand his life about 6 months!!!! Sigh
Jayde asked how long he had left. I wanted to cry.... thank God I replied with hard to tell... As reliable as the internet it, most info I could find said that juvenile lymphoma is extremely swift.... As soon as he starts having a hard time breathing and coughing he'll only have about 2 weeks left. I hope that's a while off.
I just bawled last night.... which is good because I don't think I would have slept otherwise. And everytime someone brought up something that reminded me of Doozy's problem I started crying, which is embarressing when you're sitting in the middle of class talking about pre-school children.
Well, what can you do but enjoy the time you have left with him... From now on, only happy thoughts about my baby boy! He'll be okay, hopefully this medicine will work out for him....