Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where in the world have I been? Excitement reigns at home.

Oh Brooke, what a bad blogger you are. ") Sorry for the long absence again. Here I've had a month to write in my blog since the end of the last semester, and I'm just barely getting to it.
We'll start from the beginning of the end of last semester. 
I had to take my last final on the very last day of finals week, I always hate that. But, the other final days each had a final, and one had 2, so I wouldn't have wanted the one on Thursday any other day. I got all As this semester, and I really think I deserved it. I worked my butt off.
Around this time, I'm not exactly sure when, we went and talked to the stake president and he gave us the all clear to go to the temple to get sealed. We were both very excited.
After the semester, during the days I was doing absolutely nothing. I sat around with Brandy and watched TV and Poirot and played on the internet. Very very boring, but very very needed. Especially when you consider how stressful Christmas Carol can be in the evenings. But yeah, I didn't wake up before 8 very often, and usually it was as late as 10. :D Ahhhhhh.
Carly got married and I got a whole night to hang out with my friends. It was really cool!!!!! And we found out that Jenelle is pregnant.
2 days later Jay and I were going potty (yes, we do go together). Well, Jenelle's news had reminded my that I was "late." So, we went ahead and tested me. Then we drove to the store and bought another test and tried again. We got the same result. So, yeah. I'm pregnant! To tell you the truth I wasn't exactly the happiest camper. It really is a bad bad bad time for me to get pregnant and have a child. And if I had to get pregnant, why couldn't it have been a month or two earlier..... I'm going to be due just in time for fall semester to start and that semester is one of my most important semesters that is so critical that I really can't take it off. SO, I'm worried. Very.
But Gram told me there was nothing I could do about it right now but be happy. I took that advice to heart. Now I'm really happy and excited, and still worried. :D Any suggestions about what to do for fall semester?
Anyway, I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago and I was 4-6 weeks pregnant. Now I'm about in the 6-8 week range. I'm going to try really hard to blog about this often.

As for the temple, it was really nice. The Endowments were kinda stressful and I really just tried to sit back and relax. And honestly, I didn't learn anything super surprising or anything. It was no where near as exciting as the sealing the next week! Oh that was awesome. And quiet. And small. And short. :D But it was beautiful.
Tomorrow I start the new semester. Spring 2011. Just 3 semesters left, I can count that on one hand..... Getting so close. This semester is going to be so stressful though..... It's my fault. I really wanted to take the second half of physics, even if I don't need to. But I LOVE physics.... so I went ahead and did that. The only class I HAD to take was an ecology class, I decided to take Microbial ecology. (WHY?! Cause I like microbiology) But then I saw Conservation Biology, and of course I'm all over that. Then I needed a class that was a biology class that was above 4000 level, I went with comparative physiology. I'm excited for that class too. A big load all on it's own, right? Yeah, then add in labs for each class except conservation biology. Ugh. And then, I didn't mention that I have to have an independent research credit..... what am I gunna do? I'm gunna spend the semester putting the main ingredient of the herbicide Raid into a petri dish full of brine shrimp and see how they fair and different concentrations and at different points in their life cycle. It's gunna  be interesting. Anyway, all this crap adds up to 17 credit hours. Then add in morning sickness and 5 hours a day of public transportation..... Sigh, why do I do this? Oh yeah, I LOVE SCIENCE!!! And I really like Weber, it's a really nice school.
More to come, more to come..... at least I'll try really really hard. :D

I had to put this on.  It's my hubby's facebook status from New Year's. It made me cry. Love you Hubby.

My wifey has made me laugh.....wiped my tears.....hugged me tight.....watched me
succeed.....seen me fail.....cheered me on.....kept me going strong. My wifey
is a promise that I will have a Friend forever! I thank God for your wifey. ♥ Love you Baby girl!!! ♥

 Quote of the Post: "There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love." 
 Washington Irving