Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 31

Well, I'm all done with Science in the Parks, I finished that up last week. Soooo this week  has been pretty boring. I've been trying to just relax, but it's hard to just sit around doing nothing. I always feel like I should be doing something!
I did have 2 dentist appointments this week, BUT all my cavities have been filled and my mouth has been declared healthy so I'm done! YAY YAY YAY
Last Thursday we went to a childbirth class. It was interesting. I'm not really excited for labor. Just looks painful and it sounds like a super long process, like an all day thing! BLAH! I'm not that patient. AND I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THIS KID OUT OF ME!!!! His kicks have gotten really uncomfortable. I can just see him in there every time he delivers a jab to my ribs, or my bladder. I know he's just giggling away as mom shouts out in pain. And I miss having energy. I've kind of given up on the no caffeine thing. After a long day I just really want a coke, or a wild cherry pepsi. As much for the comfort of something yummy as the extra boost from the caffeine. I mean, I try to still limit how much I drink, but blah. Especially after scary stuff like the dentist, you gotta have a yummy soda to make it all better!
This weekend is 4th of July weekend, we're gunna go camping, YAY! Then, on the 4th we're gunna go kayaking with Pam and Glenn and some of the rest of the family. I'm excited for that, just don't know how exhausted I'll be after. :) For some reason I really want to set off fireworks this year, so I hope I'm not too tired! But, after a weekend of camping then a day on a lake, I don't think I'll have a prayer. It's good for me though, I need to exercise more. I definitely don't want to gain to much weight with this kid.
Well, like I said, it was a boring week. I have another childbirth class tonight. I wonder what we'll learn about.  Maybe it'll be more in depth stuff from what we talked about last week. Can I just say that I feel really silly with all the breathing exercises? I mean, I understand the idea behind getting yourself to relax when you're in pain. It makes perfect sense. I just don't really like "practicing" in a room full of other people I guess. It's just kinda silly. I did try to do some breathing stuff while I was at the dentist. While he was giving me the shot to numb my mouth and stuff. It didn't really work..... I'd start out good, then he'd do something that really hurt (what my wimpy self would identify as a 6 on the pain scale) and I'd just tense up and scream inside my head for the pain to stop. 'Cause it'd be really stupid to jerk my head with one of those huge needles in my mouth.... anyway, long tangent. That's kind of how I write though, isn't it. A bunch of silly little tangents....
'Til next time......
Quote: "No matter how much you feed the wolf, he keeps looking at the forest." Ilse Lehiste

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Week 30

    Oh wow, I am tired.
    Another busy, but extremely fun week of Science in the Parks.
    I finished up last week with "Feel it" Day on Friday. The name kind of implies getting messy, doesn't it? And I sure got messy. I helped out with slime, which is a fun little activity where the children make their own gooey, sticky slimy stuff. It required about 2 hours prep time.... filling little plastic bags with water and glue. THEN, once we got to the park, I was put in charge of letting the kids put food coloring inside their bags. HOLY CRAP! Not  one inch of my hands was left uncolored. But, it was fun. There were many explosions of colorful glue bags, though, which added to the messiness.
    Then came the weekend. Jay and I went out Friday night. We had dinner, Chiles, and then went to a drive-in movie. I love drive-in movies, but I can never make it through both movies. I made it throught The Green Lantern, which was ok.But I missed Thor, and that's the one I wanted to see. Oh well, Jay said it was good.
    We slept in pretty late on Saturday, took the dog for a good walk, and then went to work..... pretty boring.
    Sunday, Father's Day. It was pretty tame. Woke up late, ran to church, went to Jay's parents for lunch and Pam's for dinner..... Good day, kinda long though.
    Then, it all started again. Monday I was put at the copter station and then was moved to the tinfoil boat station. Tuesday I helped make little flip sticks. Wednesday I made telephone cups again. And today I did Alka Seltzer Rockets again. I gotta say, I'm just getting too tired to do this. Tomorrow is my last day, though. I wish I could do more, because it's a ton of fun. But, I'm about to crash right now. I'm hoping that the 40 oz. coke I got at Subway will rejuvenate me a bit. Naughty Brooke, but I really needed something to pick me up. I have my first childbirth class tonight! And Jay gets to come, which makes me happy..
    As for stuff besides Science in the Parks? Ummm Tuesday Jay and I took Gabby and Miya out for a nice walk. They got a really good swim in.
    Wednesday night was fun! I had a baby shower with Jenelle. With all my favorite folks. I really miss hanging out with my friends, why do we have to be so far apart? Anyway, just like old times, much laughter, and more spoiling for little Charlie. We made tie-die onesies! I can't wait to see how they turned out!!!!
    Hmmm, a man just walked onto the frontrunner, sat at a table, and started crying.....Do I go ask if I can help? Maybe I'll give him a couple of minutes before I decide....
    Anyway.... that's all for now. I'm too tired to think about anything else. I'm gunna take a nap on the frontrunner.

    Quote of the day; "A boy can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty, and the importance of turning around three times before lying down." Robery Benchley

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Week 29

    Hello everyone.
    It's been another fantastic week. On Friday I had a night out with my hubby. He took me to Olive Garden (yum) and then we went dress/skirt shopping (a long, stupid, and annoying process to find ANYTHING cute for church). After that we watched Joseph and the Amazing blah blah blah blah (long title) at the Draper Ampitheatre, so it was outside. It was fun! We got to sit on the grass and watch the show. Sure, it was very community-theatreish but I really enjoyed being outside on such a nice night! Afterwords, I had some heartburn (darn Charlie) and we got some ice-cream at arctic circle. :D
    The rest of the weekend is kind of a blur. I gave a talk at church on Sunday (shivers) but nothing else comes to mind.
    Then the fun started. This week I've been volunteering with Science in the Parks up in Ogden to get some hours in that I need to graduate. It has been a BLAST! It's 2 hours out playin with the kids, but it goes by in what seems 10 minutes. Seriously. I don't think there's anything else I could do that would be more fun. Basically we're just taking a bunch of toys (with some kind of scientific base) over to the park and letting kids play. Monday was "Build It" day and I helped kids build little hovering "butterflies" made of cups that you shoot off with a rubber band chain. It was pouring at one point, but I didn't care! Tuesday was "See It" day and I manned the station with little microscopes and bugs and leaves and testubes of insoluble substances in water. Wednesday was "Hear it" day. I helped kids make telephone cups, it was super fun. But very hot! And next to me there were thunder tubes. Baby DID NOT like the thunder tubes. He was squirming and kicking the whole 2 hours! :D Cute 'lil guy.  Today was "Move it" day. I helped kids play with Alka-seltzer rockets! SOOOO much fun! And I still have tomorrow and next week!
    As much fun as this has been, it has left me utterly and completely exhausted for the rest of the day. Ugh, I can barely move right now. And something that's really been bothering me lately is some pretty bad pain in my pelvic region. Seriously, if I turn wrong, or when  I get out of the car or out of bed, or even get dressed it hurts. Really bad too! Sometimes when I need to roll over at night it hurts so bad down there that I want to scream. I'm definitely going to ask my doc if he can do anything next time I see him. I mean, my book says pelvic pain is normal, but ugh, this just sucks!
    Poor Charlie is getting pretty squished. I can feel him a lot lately. On the bus today I was watching my tummy, and he must have been stretching because my stomach stretched at least 3 inches out and back in. It kind of hurt, too. Poor guy.
    As for me, I grew quite a bit in just the last week. We woke up on Monday and Jay took one look at me and asked what had happened overnight. But not much new! Can't wait for my baby, I keep dreaming about him.
    Quote of the Week: "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' (I found it!) but 'That's funny ..."  Isaac Asimov

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Week 28

    Holy cow! Can you say "Spoiled Baby?!" My little guy is going to be very well-dressed, thanks to the 2 baby showers I had last week. The Hale Baby Shower was fun. I shared that one with Venice. Not a lot of people came, but that made it nice. That was Thursday night.
    Friday I had a doctor's appointment. Baby is doing well. I'm at 125 pounds. Holy cow. Really not much new stuff to report on the baby front. His kicks are getting super strong, I don't have gestational diabetes, and my iron is low so I have to take an iron supplement along with my other pre-natal pill. Yippee!
    Friday night we had dinner for my birthday with Jay's family. Yummy Red Robin. Then we ran over to a viewing for my Great-Grandma Barber. I was all prepared to walk into a room full of crying relatives. Boy was I wrong. As soon as Jay and I stepped through the door there were subdued shrieks of delight and my tummy was suddenly under attack by many rubbing hands. Everyone was in a good mood, smiling. It was a little odd. But much better than the grimness I had expected. Mostly, I was happy to see that Grandpa wasn't off in a corner crying. No, he was being his normal, happy, loud, and humorous self.So, yeah, that didn't turn out to be so bad.
      The other shower, thrown by Jay's Mom and sisters on Saturday Morning.  That one was an open-house for my ward. I really had a hard time being the center of attention, and I kind of closed up and didn't talk to anyone but Brandy. Which was dumb, I wish I wasn't so darn shy. But it did turn out well, I had fun.
    Then we rushed over to my Great-Gram's funeral. We missed the service, sadly, but we did make it in time to follow everyone up to where she was being buried. That was pretty good too. Everyone seemed a little more subdued and there quiet tears here and there, I cried a little, but everything turned out ok. Grandpa made us go to the little luncheon after that. Sigh, gunna miss grandma, but at least she's in heaven now.
    The rest of saturday is a blur. I know we went to Toys R' Us and bought a swimming pool for Gabby, but it wouldn't fit in the car, so we had to wait for Jay's dad to come to the rescue. Then we played outside for a bit. At some point we must have had dinner, but I have no idea what it was. Then we watched 30 rock and Highlander the rest of the night. Yup, that's the kind of stuff we do when we actually have a Saturday off.
    Sunday, church. Meh. Dinner with my family. Yum turkey, pissy parents. Good walk with Miya though. And then Killer Bunnies for 3 hours..... :D
    Monday-dentist. I don't need to say more. Then a meeting at Hale and we watched a dress rehearsal of the new show "Dirt Rotten Scoundrels." Meh. It's a slow show and the music isn't all that interesting.
    Tuesday.... I don't remember Tuesday. Must not have been terribly interesting.
    Wednesday..... Dentist.... 2 fillings and a tooth pulled. Not fun. But Charlie kept me entertained and reassured  most of the time. He doesn't like me on my back for long periods of time and he was letting me know it. Good news though, I didn't pass out! YAY! Maybe that was thanks to Charlie too. When you're pregnant you have about 1.5Xs more blood in you. I bet it's harder for your brain to not get enough blood that way, so I didn't need to faint. Thank God.
    Then we went to work. Which wasn't interesting. Except that I got chewed out for not asking for help putting out programs. Grrr. I just do my job until it's done. It's not my fault the rest of the ushers sat down and started talking. They should know when there's is more work to be done and it's not my job to keep them on task. Plus, I wasn't lifting heavy boxes, just putting programs out. Sheesh.
    Today, Thursday, I met with Nicole about those silly Brine Shrimp. Now I'm waiting for a meeting about Science in the Parks that starts next week.
    Yup, pretty interesting and boring week :D More to come. More to come..... I didn't take any pictures this week. So, I guess I'll just put a random one up.
    Quote of the week: ""For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack." -Rudyard Kipling "

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Week 27

    Yup. Forgot another Week. But oh well! It's been a little crazy, anyway.
    Well. Most of last week was spent getting ready for Capitol Reef.
    Then, there was Capitol Reef. It was a blast. Just Jay, me, and Brandy. Plus the poochies. We all went down in Jay's Dad's Truck (That's it's name). It was a little squashed, but the dogs behaved for the most part. We got there in really good time. I mean, we were able to leave at about one and got there about 5 and we had that really long stop at the Arby's in Nephi. But there still wasn't a camp spot open in the park. The ranger person we talked to suggested that we go park in BLM land just outside the park for the night and get to the park early the next morning to steal some spots that were opening up. (That reminds me, I was going to look up exactly what BLM land is!!) It was free, which is always nice. So, we went and found a pretty nice spot out in the middle of no-where. It was super windy, and once we actually got outside and unpacking we decided it wouldn't be worth it to put up our tent just to take it down and put it up again the next day. So we all decided to sleep in the truck overnight. Little did we know how stupid of a decision that would end up being! But, we made hobos, the potatoes never quite got cooked, and enjoyed the fire until we decided it was time to go to bed. Bed sucked. I think everyone but me and Miya got some kind of sleep in, but not much. Miya and Gabby were so uncomfortable that they were constantly moving, which would wake up Jay or Brandy. I was up the whole night. It was very very very boring. But I did get to look at all of the stars, it was pretty. Jay woke up for good around 3:45 and we just kind of sat there together and whispered to each other for an hour or so. Then the alarm went off at 5, we were all awake at that moment anyway, and we took of toward Capitol Reef.
    We found a spot immediately and stuck in it. It was a really good spot. We were right next to the bathroom (very good for the preggie lady and the thirsty dogs who needed a water spigot close by) and on the edge of an orchard. Plenty of room for the poochies to roam on their 20 foot leashes and not bother anybody. It ended up being a warm day. We walked to the Visitor's Center (the only walk the pups are allowed on) in the morning. By the time we got back we were ready for lunch. We decided to have it at the picnic area. So we packed our food and cooler over there. The firepit was in the sun, so cooking lunch was hot, but we moved over to the shade once we were done and played Killer Bunnies. Such a fun game. Then we went to the river and let the dogs go nuts, they had so much fun.
    We hauled our exhausted selves back to camp and rested until we dedcided to go to dinner. Somehow I planned on one less dinner than we needed so we went to a mexican restaurant outside the park. On our way we stopped at various viewpoints and small walks that the dogs could stay in the car for. Sadly, the awful night and heat got to Jay and he went to bed early. I built a fire and Brandy and I had s'mores, but we were both really tired too, so we just went to bed early that night.
    I hadn't had such a good night's sleep in over a month, thanks to Charlie, so I woke up refreshed and ready to go. Jay was feeling better too. But I made the rule that neither of us were allowed to drink anything but water until we emptied our camel bags. which we did about mid-afternoon. This morning, and the rest of the day, was super windy, so it was also a lot cooler. We went for another walk to the Visitor's Center, let the dogs run in the river again, had lunch, and then got in the car for some more sigh-seeing. That took up most of the day. We had Spaghetti for dinner and played Killer Bunnies again. Then we decided to go to a Ranger's presentation of the Solar System. All of us have curious minds and can't resist the urge to learn some new things. Let's just say that it was soooooo freakin cold and windy that the dogs were shivering like crazy and the ranger cut his presentation short. It was a cold night.
    We pretty much woke up, packed, ate breakfast, packed again, and left. But it was a really fun weekend! Once we got home Jay and I watched Highlander. I think I was dehydrated, because I was pretty sick and out of it the rest of the night. I remember that Steven came over and showed off his new SUV (SOOOOO JEALOUS) and I remember falling asleep when Jay brought me downstairs, but that's it. Oops.
    That was Memorial Day Weekend, I had a lot of fun. Though I wish the rest of the family could have come. We were pretty limited with what we could do with the dogs. I guess a pregnant me limited us too.
    As for the rest of this week?
    Well, yesterday Brandy and I turned 22. Whoot. Ok. Not that exciting. But, we went and saw Suessical the Musical at Hale Center Theatre in Orem. I definitely recommend the show to anyone. It was very cute and the music is a lot of fun. The theatre was really tiny though, it was weird.
    And that's it so far.
    I have 2 baby showers coming up with the end of the week. Oh boy! :) We'll see of having a baby shower is any fun!
    As for Charlie, he liked the show last night, he was dancing, I think. He's just been getting stronger. I have another appointment on Friday, so I'll give a better update after that.
    Brooke-0 out.

    Quote:"I'm alone in the universe, so alone in the universe. I found magic, but they don't see it." Horton the Elephant.