Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back to Normal

Well, life has gone back to normal after dark week. School and work and school and work and church (kinda) and Tv shows.
I think sometimes that I spend way too much parked in front of a television. I mean, I'm usually JUST watching tv. Usually I'm playing with the baby or doing homework, mostly homework. But I miss the days where I spent hours outside. I want to go outside just to enjoy outside sometimes, but I also want to hang out with my husband. He doesn't seem to enjoy outside as much as I do. :( Plus, I wouldn't get any homework done outside. Sigh. Maybe when Charlie is old enough to go play outside.

My Fair Lady..... not the best show in the world. A lot of people like it, though. So I'll pretend for the sake of the patrons.

I love my Charlie. Every day he becomes more and more aware. His eyes see more, he hears more, and he licks more. :D He really likes his tongue. And I know everyone thinks their baby is the cutest, but it's true in my case. There are a lot of babies around right now, and mine is the best. Sorry to everyone this offends. LOL

School is going well. We're going to start teaching a unit to REAL children in a couple of weeks. I got to observe the class I'd be teaching in today. It was fun. The kids are really good, honors kids. Motivated. I'm really excited.

Everyone is sick right now. Even the baby. Blah. My worst problem right now is cramps. The doctor warned me that I'd get them and some bleeding for a couple weeks after getting an IUD, but jeez. Oh well, at least I won't be getting pregnant. Though, it was really nice not bleeding for 10 months. Unless you count just after having Charlie. But everyone felt bad for me then. :P No one cries too hard when you say I'm having period bleeding or this thing that the doctor stuck up me to keep me from getting pregnant is making me miserable.

See that smile? So adorable.
Quote of the week: "A baby is a blank cheque made payable to the human race." 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Growing Growing Charlie

Well, I forgot to write again. Did I tell you that life with this baby is insane?
Plus, there was dark week and I was too busy having fun to stop and write in my blog.
Now you're going to ask what I did over dark week that was so much fun..... and I'll give you a blank stare and say, "I really can't remember." Life is definitely a blur these days.
Let's see. I know there was a lot of sitting on the couch watching Star Wars. I finally watched the first three episodes!!! We're currently working on the last one. It takes like 3 days to watch one episode because we're so busy. I've really enjoyed them though.
Survivor started! I'm rooting for Dawn, even though she has no chance!
That sounds really boring, doesn't it? Well, truth be told, I've had no choice but to sit and watch tv. My husband has been working on the final project from Hell and has had absolutely no time for me. It's very depressing being ignored. Seriously. I'm so spoiled. I'm used to getting cuddles in our free time, and there's no free time. It's hard to come to terms with not being his top priority sometimes.
Also, I got horribly, awfully sick last week. I got a flu shot on Wednesday and I was very proud of myself because now I wasn't going to get sick and give the flu to Charlie. Well, that night, when I woke up to feed Charlie I was so dizzy I couldn't stand. I was also super super cold and my breast hurt sooooo bad. I remember being relieved when Charlie woke up because I had just been sitting there freezing in pain. I think I was crying.
Well, Jay covered me up nice and warm and I went back to sleep. When the alarm went off I was super cold and still in pain, and dizzy dizzy. I remember laying my head against Jay's chest and he told me I was burning up. Sadly, I had to go to class that day. There was a test.
I was so freaking mad. I was sure that there was no possible way to get sick from a flu shot. My microbiology training told me that! Man, I was pissed, they had lied to me. Well, all I remember from that day is getting up and sleeping all day. I don't remember taking the test (but I got 100%!!!!!!!) and I don't remember getting new shoes, but I have new shoes!
I went to the doctor on Friday. It ended up being mastitis, my faith in flu shots has been restored.

I was feeling better on Saturday and we didn't have work, so we went leaf watchin! We went up to Pineview Reservoir and visited Pam and Glenn while we were at it. It was pretty. We ended up going up a strange canyon and found a Snow Basin hill. The canyon proved to be a little too much for Jay's car and we had to turn back. But we went to play in the lake before we went home. Awesome.
Jay, remind me if I missed anything. I really can't remember, and now it's Steven's Birthday and I can't remember what else we did over dark week.
School was kind of boring all last week and Hale started My Fair Lady..... meh.
 Carrie and Jayde were in town last week. That was fun. I miss hanging out with them and it was super nice having them around. I was glad Carrie got to spend some time with Charlie. He's growing so fast.
Speaking of Charlie, he has learned how to stick out his tongue. :D It's cute, even if he doesn't really know he's doing it.
Brandy, Jay, and I went to the Lagoon this weekend, that was a ton of fun, if tiring. We also went to another haunted house. Hee. I love haunted houses.
I've been so busy that I haven't gotten a lot of Charlie time lately. So I've been grumpy.
Quote of the Day:"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. " Ingrid Bergman