Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer 2012, As Busy As It Gets

Things really took off in July. We've been running around like mad people! I really hope I remember everything! Jay, please remind me if I forgot something important so that I can post about it!


We did finally get to go camping this summer! The best part is that we've been to a few of my favorite places in the world (so far, I haven't been many places). No, not Yellowstone National Park, we might do that next year, but this year we've been to the Unitas, specifically Whitney Reservoir, and to Hidden Haven up by Bear Lake.
When we got up to Whitney Reservoir we were disappointed when we saw how low the lake was. Seriously, I would have given it 20 feet at its deepest and 60 feet at its widest. We weren't surprised, Dad warned us, but wow! We drove on about 5 minutes further and ended up at Beaver lake. I don't know if it was low or not because I don't remember it very well from when I was younger, but it at least looked better and there was a beautiful place to camp just waiting for us.
 I gotta say, my Jeep looks awesome when it has trees and mountains as a backdrop. The definition of wildness, there. :)
We did one of my favorite things to do while I am camping. We wandered. I love going off the road, off the trail and just heading toward whatever captures my interest. It makes me so happy. We had a great little walk. We saw a deer, which Gabby chased. We also happened upon a cute little beaver pond, that was pretty cool. Didn't see any beaver, though.
Some of you might be saying, "What idiots! Don't they hear the stories of boyscouts getting lost in the Uintas all of the time?! And they had their baby! What irresponsible people, that's bear country." Don't worry, I always keep an eye on the scenery and know where I am. Plus, I've always been really really good at knowing what direction North is. Never fear, we weren't lost for a second.
We  actually caught another fish! That puts the count up to 3 in our entire 4 years married. Go us! The fisher-failures. 
Then, it rained, like all afternoon. It was beautiful to listen to. 
We discovered that if we are going to make chili for dinner while we are camping that we should pack a can opener. Luckily, our not too distant neighbors had one! :)
Nights were cold, so Charlie ended up with us in bed each night. It was nice, but not a habit I want him to get into. He seemed to enjoy camping, but did not like being left in the pack n play while we put the tent up. He was mad!

We also made it up to Hidden Haven for Raspberry Dayzz. It was a lot of fun! I love Hidden Haven. It was nice to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa and Pam and Glenn. We got go down to the craft fair, which was kind of disappointing this year, and we got to see some pretty fireworks. 
We also rode on some 4-wheelers. Gabby chased us up Booth mountain, poor dog. She could hardly walk for a week. Silly girl.
We also had some super yummy raspberry milkshakes. Yum!

We're planning on going up to Hidden Haven in another couple of weeks for Labor Day, only this time Carrie and Jayde will be there. I am so excited.


 Every weekend in July we went hiking. Mostly, we were trying to prepare for Timanogos. In August we really kind of stopped, which isn't good, because Timp is this weekend! Oy, its gunna be a painful hike. But fun, I'm sure.

 I'll be sure to include photos of that!


 Well, it's happening, he's walking. In fact, he's almost running. Crazy little guy is growing up so fast! He isn't much for communicating yet, but I think he'll get there soon. He points at airplanes, vroooms at cars. He says  Mamamama and Dadadadada and Amma and Ba (that's grandpa). It's cute. I think he knows Dog too.

 Almost one year old. In fact, that's next week. I can hardly believe that its been a year! That makes me sad, but happy, but sad. I just don't want him to grow up too quickly.


Well, the summer is nearly over and school has gotten very close. I have been trying my bests to prepare lessons and such so that I am prepared to teach. I am so anxious I can't sleep at night. I think everything will be fine after that first day of school, but right now its all so new it is scary.
I have gone to a week of Professional Development that I really like and I am excited to use what I have learned there! I also went to a teacher orientation with the district. That was kind of a waste of time, aside from the time that I got to explore the district office a bit.
Wish me luck, I've got my fingers crossed!


So, my friends Carly and Jenelle have just closed on houses. So has my cousin, Amanda. It has made me supremely jealous. This week we went up and actually saw Jenelle's house. This just sent me off my rocker. All that night I just sat and looked at houses in areas we want to live in.
I discussed my feelings with Jay and my idea that I think we could possibly afford a house payment when I start getting paid. He agreed, but we're both worried that there is a chance that I won't get hired on again next year, just because my position is being paid for by a grant. The school is growing by almost 1,000 students next year though, so I mean, the odds are in our favor. But, I don't want to take chances when it comes to getting a house.
So, we made a deal. We are going to save up some money this year, and once I get hired on for next year we are going to start house-hunting. I'm still looking at the houses available in West Jordan, South Jordan, and Sandy. :) I'm thinking 4-5 bedrooms, 2-3 bathroom and .23-.25 acres. Big backyard! he he he We'll see.

Lazy Times

Though I haven't been working, I have been trying my best to plan for the school year. I got 2 units planned and a tiny bit of the 3rd unit planned. I am so excited to start. Even if all my plans crumble and I have to start from scratch. ;)
I did, though, spend a marvelous summer with my little boy. I watched a lot of court shows and read some books. Part of me will miss my leisurely times.