Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall is Here!


I realized I was two days late writing. What's sad is that I even had Friday off of work. Friday ended up bein rather busy, though. So I never wrote. It was the good kind of busy though. I actually felt like a Mamma, going to the grocery store mid-day without Jay and a Charlie in tow. Charlie was a really good boy for me, though. I am excited to spend my other days off with him this year and make them special days with my (soon to be) boy(s). 


I guess this is a good place to just make a Charlie section. 
So on Friday I got to spend all day with him and I really really enjoyed it. I started out stressed, but know we started running errands we got to talk, just us two, and I just loved it. At the end, we went to Chic fil et, which is his favorite right now because of the chicken/slide combination. He's gotten so brave. He'll go slide all by himself now! We're going to take him to the lagoon next week because now we know he's brave enough to ride the rides. :) I can't wait!
He's so excited for his little brother. I can't wait to see how he does and to let him hold and kiss Roland. That's what I'm most excited to see. I can't wait for Charlie to meet his brother. It probably won't be the perfect moment I envision, but I know Charlie will be a good big brother.


I convinced Jay to take us up the canyon to Oktoberfest this last weekend to see the leaves. We don't drink beer, but we enjoy the food and we enjoy the mountain. We decided to invite my Mom this time and I'm glad we did. We took a very refreshing walk around Snowbird. It misted on us most of the walk. Combine that with the smells of Autumn and the leaves beginning to change and you have the perfect afternoon that only a canyon can offer. I was grateful we went. Jay and I decided that we're going to go on a drive up to the Uintah's in a few weeks to see more pretty leaves. It sounds like Jay needs to observe a rock for his Geology class while we're there, too. I remember that assignment... It was fun! Yay outdoors!


So my sweet Mother, my awesome cousin Misty, and my always caring Grandma hosted a baby shower for me and little Roland yesterday.
I'll admit, at first I felt that maybe I didn't need a shower, since this is my second boy, but I am VERY grateful that they gave me one anyway. It runs out that there is so much that I do need that we don't have. I also needed some support this week. I'm starting to get to nervous about having another kid, but now I know I have a large number of people that I can call on for love and guidance and support. I appreciate everyone who came and helped me spoil this new little guy. Thanks so much guys.


I think school is going a little better. My honors and core classes are doing a little bit better. My AP classes seem like they really want to try harder. So I'm hopeful, but pessimistic. We'll see how they do. :)
We had parent teacher conferences this week, which was exhausting. I had a few good talks. I talked with some of the parents from my AP classes, but not really the ones I needed to. There were two that I wanted to talk to and we talked about whether or not AP was a good choice. Interestingly enough, both students decided they wanted to stay in AP, that it was something they wanted to pursue. I still don't quite understand, but I'm willing to make the effort if they are.
I had my first evaluation this week, too. Doin good, doin good.

Anxious Feelings

It's getting awfully close to baby time, and I'll admit that I'm getting a bit stressed out about the whole thing. I'm trying to figure out what all needs to be cleaned and everything, but it's tough when you come home absolutely exhausted all of the time. Since it's dark week this week, I am planning on doing a room a night and really getting it cleaned well. We also need to get a crib ready and find all of the bottles and such found. I need to get some clothes ready, clean my jeep (OH MY I need to clean my jeep!). We should set some kind of baby station up in our room. I'd also feel a whole lot more comfortable if I had a plan once I do go into labor. Sounds like a good week to get started! :D
Then, there's the whole, "Can I handle two children question?" But, that's really in the back of my mind. Charlie's still alive, so I count myself as a successful mother. ;)

Roland Name and All

Well, if you haven't heard, the new baby's name is going to be Roland Dean Funk. Yes, this baby is named after a  few characters in Stephen King's Dark Tower Series. No, I really do not wish that Roland is anything like any of the characters in the book. yes, I mostly admire Roland in the books but I am also disgusted with him at times. So, no, really Roland isn't named "after" the Roland in the books. I really like the name Roland and that's pretty much all there is to it. Because, who would really want their child to have the same fate as Roland Deschain of Gilead? Jay and I have both read the Dark Tower series and we both like the name and we both think it sounds right. So don't give me any crap about naming my child after a Stephen King novel. Some people just look horrified when I tell them where I got the name. Oh Utah. :D There, that is all the defending of Roland's name that I am going to do because I honestly don't think I should have to defend it in the first place.

Jay and Class

I hate it when Jay goes to school. I hate it. I miss him and even when he is home he's constantly working on homework. Still, I support his decision to better himself through higher education and will continue to do so until he is done, whenever that may be. Proud of you sweety. I just miss you. Summer will come again!

 Home is home is home. I enjoy having Carrie and Jayde staying with us. I hope they are more than ready for a newborn. Im gunna need a lot of help.
Well, I think I'm done for now. Maybe the next blog post there will be a baby? Let's hope not, he'd still be early.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Feeling Better

Hi everyone, I am sorry about the last few negative posts. I believe that this pregnancy has been kind of hard on me. Working and being pregnant is really much much harder than going to school and being pregnant. At least for me anyway.
Anyhow, I actually am feeling pretty positive today. I've had quite a few good interactions today, it helps when you have a good day at school. So, YAY, expect a mostly positive blog post today.


So, school is still pretty stressful. You know how at most jobs people actually get 10 minute breaks here and there? Well, I don't. Except for lunch, when I actually do go socialize with some friends, I am constantly working. It's exhausting. On the bright side, I don't do very much work at home. I make it a rule to only grade one assignment at home per night. I need to hang out with my little boy too much to work any more. Eventually I'm going to run out of stuff that I planned for my AP classes over the summer, though. Then I will probably have to work from home bit to make sure I actually have lessons for them. But, I am trying to get SOME stuff planned for AP.

Speaking of my AP classes, I still can't seem to get them to do their work. They took their first test today and I have already graded the multiple choice sections. The scores have so far reflected their performance on their homework. I'm planning on having a heart to heart with them about doing homework and learning from their homework when I see them next. I'm also planning on making a deal with them that will hopefully encourage them to stop playing catch-up on what they haven't handed in and focus on the homework that we are currently doing. I'm tired of them being behind and I want them to kind of start fresh with this new unit. I'm hoping this test score will give them a big enough slap in the face that they'll listen to me! I did have 3 students come in and get some help after school, so that's encouraging. Sadly, they weren't the kids that were failing. 

So yesterday during 1st period I was getting class started and I noticed that the principal was sitting in the back of the room with this lady. I was surprised, so of course my heart started racing. But, I mean, we get observed so much that it really wasn't a big deal. It was a pretty good lesson, too, and the students were mostly engaged. It was odd, though, because they stayed through about half of the class. Usually my observations have been 15-20 minutes max. Also, the principal and this lady were being rather loud. Just as they were leaving, the lady comes up to me and thanks me. Apparently they were "training the boss," as she put it. But, she thought my class was great. I was confused, but pretty much went back to teaching without thinking much about it again. Later, I got two emails, one from her and one from him. They both looked like some online form that had been filled out and forwarded to me. There really wasn't any explanation. All both of them said was, "Good proximity." As near as I can tell, she was training the principal to fill out this form during observations. Why they did that in my class, I had no idea. Personally, I was a little bit peeved that they spent that long in my class without giving me more feedback than, "Good proximity."
Well, today, I was walking out the doors on my way to get some crickets when I was stopped by the principal. He said that he was very impressed with what he saw and he wanted to just count that as my formal evaluation for this semester (as a provisional teacher I have to have 2 formal evaluations per year). I couldn't help it, I cheered right in front of him. Those are so stressful because if I do poorly on those my job is on the line. I'm very happy that I now have one less evaluation to worry about! I even did a little happy dance after I turned the corner. Teachers do happy dances, too.

I need to get the grades up in my other classes. I'm planning on taking some time to work on standards with my biology classes next week. It's been hard, though, because the other teachers in my department have been pushing a pretty tight schedule. 

Anyway, grades are still low, but I am trying to optimistic that I can the students to get their act together.

Charlie and the Fair

Aunt Hastings treated us with a trip to the fair this last weekend. It was quite fun. The last few times we've been to the fair we have completely ignored the rides and carnival stuff. It's just too expensive. This year Grandma Overby bought Charlie a wrist band and we got to watch him ride on some rides. I was pretty certain she wouldn't get him to ride most things and definitely wouldn't be able to get him to ride on any rides by himself. I was surprised on both accounts. My little guy must have grown some bravery over the last year because he went on a lot of rides and many of them were by himself. He looked unsure at times, but he braved it out and ended each ride with a smile. :)

We're still working on potty training. In fact, I'm pretty sure we've lost some ground. Speaking of... I'm gunna go make a little guy go upstairs really quick.

Charlie is really excited to have a little brother. This morning, the first thing he said to me was, "Is the baby coming today?" It's so cute. Little he knows... little he knows.


Baby seems to be doing about the same. Last night I had a latte and a coke AND my caffeine-filled headache pill. By bedtime that little boy was rolling around so much I thought I'd never get to sleep. Silly little guy. 
I'm starting to get excited to meet the little fella. One thing is for sure, I hope he either comes early or on time and not more than two days later. Then I get to spend UEA weekend with him and can save a few days off! ;) It would be perfect! Cross your fingers for me! And I'll make sure I have a trampoline ready. (Kidding)


Brooke is okay. Like I said, I'm feeling better and optimistic. Things are going to work out. Everyone at school seems to be impressed with me as a teacher, so I know my job will still be there when I get back and I'm not jeopardizing anything by leaving for a while. I'm still really worried about my how my AP classes are going to work. But, I think at this point I have to wait to see what happens. There's only so much I can do to prepare, and I've about finished with that. OH! PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE ME FAX MY FMLA PAPERWORK TO THE DISTRICT ON MONDAY! PLEASE!!!!!

Anyway, have a good week everyone and I will try and stay as positive as I feel today. Jay promised to take me to Black Bear Diner tomorrow and I can't wait!

Friday, September 12, 2014

5 weeks Until My World Flips Again

Yup, another two week break from writing. Oh well. I've been busy, to say the least. Honestly, I don't feel all that much like writing right now, anyway. I'm kind of under the impression that no one really reads this anyway; that it's purely for me. That's ok, I guess, but if I'm doing something purely for my own enjoyment than really is rather play video games or read a book... Or you know, hang out with my child a bit. So, hey, if you do read, maybe you could let me know?


Obviously school is what has been keeping me the busiest. I feel pretty good about myself as a teacher most of the time. And I get told quite often that I'm doing a great job. In fact, the superintendent came in and told me I was a superstar teacher... Never met the man before, though. ;) Today, however, my confidence isn't as high as normal due to a variety of things.
1. Grades are low: this group of kids just doesn't turn in their stuff! And I just had them do the first standard, so more than half of certain classes are failing because of that. So, I'm just feeling low. I expected it because no one believes that I make them get a certain score in order to get any points at all... I'm hoping that they'll realize that they should take these seriously soon. And maybe do a make-up day sometime soon for my non-honors classes, because they don't tend to come after school even if I ask them to.
Also, I've made it so that my honors students get 1/2 credit with any late work. I was just so frustrated with them last year and how much late work I got. It was ridiculous and I didn't want to deal with that again. Plus, honors kids shouldn't be turning things in late so often. So, it's been hurting their grades. I'm hoping they'll figure it out soon. But I am also hoping that it's not too harsh of penalty.
2. Related, maybe. I had my first parent of the year come in and ask why her daughter was failing. This girl is in my honors class, but she's one of those who really probably doesn't belong there. So far she's turned in every assignment in late and incomplete. She also did poorly on her test, did not hand in her unit paper, and did not pass her standard. Well, it's obvious to me. The student did make up her standard during lunch today, before her mom came after school. So, that brought her up to a D+.
Her mom didn't seem very happy about me requiring 100% on standards, but since her daughter had made it up she didn't really push that subject. What made me really upset was her obvious discontentment at the sight of my pregnant belly. She even asked about how long I was planning on being gone and her tone with each reply blatantly implied that she didn't approve of me leaving to have a baby. 1. I have gotten a capable sub, so your daughter should be in capable hands. 2. You don't have the right to judge me for having a family, since you have one. I have every right to have a child. Sorry mine didn't come at a convenient time for you. 3. Your child should be responsible for her own learning on an honors class and I shouldn't have to be there to her hand every step of the way. 4. She seemed upset that she might not be able to come in and get in my face (yes, that is her phrasing... She said she liked to get into her child's teacher's faces). You have a disclosure with my email right at the top. Oh, you also signed it. Which means you can't be upset about the standard thing either because if you had read it you would know about the standards already. 5. We ended that conversation with her saying, "Okay..." With the tone that implied she didn't quite believe that I was able to go on maternity leave and that her daughter would still be able to learn. Look, if you don't trust me or like this circumstance then please, by all means, transfer your darling into a different class. Grrrr
3. My AP students have very low grades and do not get their homework done on time either. I'm wondering if I am assigning too much. I mean, about half of them aren't doing what they need to do. I'm not sure what to do. We're so behind already if I want to get through all of the units. Some students have even said my homework isn't bad compared to other AP classes they've had. So, should I tell these students who are struggling to maybe start where we are and work backwards to get caught up when they can? Just unsure of how to proceed here.


Charlie is getting bigger. He's going backwards at the moment with the whole potty training thing, though. He refuses to poop in the potty and he's stopped telling me when he needs to pee. I think he's scared of failure. Silly child. He is so excited to have a little brother, but he has no idea of what all is going to change.


Baby is only 5 weeks away. Needless to say, I'm getting nervous.  Is it too late to say I'm not sure if I want any more kids? :) In excited, though.
Baby had another ultrasound last week and the results show that he's not too tiny. 34th percentile for a tiny mommy isn't a bad thing.

Well, I'm done. I just got done with a birthday party for my doggy-niece Avery and I'm pooped out and grumpy.