Friday, September 19, 2014

Feeling Better

Hi everyone, I am sorry about the last few negative posts. I believe that this pregnancy has been kind of hard on me. Working and being pregnant is really much much harder than going to school and being pregnant. At least for me anyway.
Anyhow, I actually am feeling pretty positive today. I've had quite a few good interactions today, it helps when you have a good day at school. So, YAY, expect a mostly positive blog post today.


So, school is still pretty stressful. You know how at most jobs people actually get 10 minute breaks here and there? Well, I don't. Except for lunch, when I actually do go socialize with some friends, I am constantly working. It's exhausting. On the bright side, I don't do very much work at home. I make it a rule to only grade one assignment at home per night. I need to hang out with my little boy too much to work any more. Eventually I'm going to run out of stuff that I planned for my AP classes over the summer, though. Then I will probably have to work from home bit to make sure I actually have lessons for them. But, I am trying to get SOME stuff planned for AP.

Speaking of my AP classes, I still can't seem to get them to do their work. They took their first test today and I have already graded the multiple choice sections. The scores have so far reflected their performance on their homework. I'm planning on having a heart to heart with them about doing homework and learning from their homework when I see them next. I'm also planning on making a deal with them that will hopefully encourage them to stop playing catch-up on what they haven't handed in and focus on the homework that we are currently doing. I'm tired of them being behind and I want them to kind of start fresh with this new unit. I'm hoping this test score will give them a big enough slap in the face that they'll listen to me! I did have 3 students come in and get some help after school, so that's encouraging. Sadly, they weren't the kids that were failing. 

So yesterday during 1st period I was getting class started and I noticed that the principal was sitting in the back of the room with this lady. I was surprised, so of course my heart started racing. But, I mean, we get observed so much that it really wasn't a big deal. It was a pretty good lesson, too, and the students were mostly engaged. It was odd, though, because they stayed through about half of the class. Usually my observations have been 15-20 minutes max. Also, the principal and this lady were being rather loud. Just as they were leaving, the lady comes up to me and thanks me. Apparently they were "training the boss," as she put it. But, she thought my class was great. I was confused, but pretty much went back to teaching without thinking much about it again. Later, I got two emails, one from her and one from him. They both looked like some online form that had been filled out and forwarded to me. There really wasn't any explanation. All both of them said was, "Good proximity." As near as I can tell, she was training the principal to fill out this form during observations. Why they did that in my class, I had no idea. Personally, I was a little bit peeved that they spent that long in my class without giving me more feedback than, "Good proximity."
Well, today, I was walking out the doors on my way to get some crickets when I was stopped by the principal. He said that he was very impressed with what he saw and he wanted to just count that as my formal evaluation for this semester (as a provisional teacher I have to have 2 formal evaluations per year). I couldn't help it, I cheered right in front of him. Those are so stressful because if I do poorly on those my job is on the line. I'm very happy that I now have one less evaluation to worry about! I even did a little happy dance after I turned the corner. Teachers do happy dances, too.

I need to get the grades up in my other classes. I'm planning on taking some time to work on standards with my biology classes next week. It's been hard, though, because the other teachers in my department have been pushing a pretty tight schedule. 

Anyway, grades are still low, but I am trying to optimistic that I can the students to get their act together.

Charlie and the Fair

Aunt Hastings treated us with a trip to the fair this last weekend. It was quite fun. The last few times we've been to the fair we have completely ignored the rides and carnival stuff. It's just too expensive. This year Grandma Overby bought Charlie a wrist band and we got to watch him ride on some rides. I was pretty certain she wouldn't get him to ride most things and definitely wouldn't be able to get him to ride on any rides by himself. I was surprised on both accounts. My little guy must have grown some bravery over the last year because he went on a lot of rides and many of them were by himself. He looked unsure at times, but he braved it out and ended each ride with a smile. :)

We're still working on potty training. In fact, I'm pretty sure we've lost some ground. Speaking of... I'm gunna go make a little guy go upstairs really quick.

Charlie is really excited to have a little brother. This morning, the first thing he said to me was, "Is the baby coming today?" It's so cute. Little he knows... little he knows.


Baby seems to be doing about the same. Last night I had a latte and a coke AND my caffeine-filled headache pill. By bedtime that little boy was rolling around so much I thought I'd never get to sleep. Silly little guy. 
I'm starting to get excited to meet the little fella. One thing is for sure, I hope he either comes early or on time and not more than two days later. Then I get to spend UEA weekend with him and can save a few days off! ;) It would be perfect! Cross your fingers for me! And I'll make sure I have a trampoline ready. (Kidding)


Brooke is okay. Like I said, I'm feeling better and optimistic. Things are going to work out. Everyone at school seems to be impressed with me as a teacher, so I know my job will still be there when I get back and I'm not jeopardizing anything by leaving for a while. I'm still really worried about my how my AP classes are going to work. But, I think at this point I have to wait to see what happens. There's only so much I can do to prepare, and I've about finished with that. OH! PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE ME FAX MY FMLA PAPERWORK TO THE DISTRICT ON MONDAY! PLEASE!!!!!

Anyway, have a good week everyone and I will try and stay as positive as I feel today. Jay promised to take me to Black Bear Diner tomorrow and I can't wait!

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