Thursday, January 15, 2015

December 2014

I'd like to say, to start, that I wrote this the first week of January. Well, I wanted to post pictures with it and I waited to post. Here it is Jan. 15th and I'm just barely publishing this. Sorry about that. So, here's an old post!
It has been over a month since I have written here. I feel really bad about that, but if you had experienced my December you would understand. It wasn't a particularly bad month. It was just frustratingly, insanely, and nauseatingly busy. Between after-school meetings, Christmas parties, Hale, and all of the holiday stuff we have barely had time to breathe and enjoy each other as a family. I don't think Jay really had time to appreciate the semester being over and it's already time to start the next one! By the way, congrats to my wonderful hubby on his associates degree (claps hands, standing ovation, and all that. ;) ) Still, amidst all of this insanity my family's life has been going on, so I should write a post about what I can remember about December. We're going to include New Year's on here to because nothing really all that impressive happened anyway.

We're going to start with what has me the happiest right now. Brandy is back, at least for one more week! I guess Dan came with her, too. (Sorry Dan). Brandy came back just as I was going on Holiday Break. It's been perfect. I've bee able to spend a lot of time with her and I really missed my sister. We've had a couple of days to hang out with her. She's been at nearly all of the family parties and get togethers. We're going out a couple of times next week, as well. I've gotten so much Brandy time! I might be able to make it until the end of June when I get to see her again, maybe. I also hope I haven't annoyed the crap out of her with my neediness. NEEDY!

Charlie was so excited about Santa Claus and Christmas. He's finally at the age where all of this stuff is magical and awesome. I will kill anyone who tells him the truth. KILL! The cute little guy got all he wanted and more, so it was a good Christmas for him. Did I tell you he's finally potty trained?! SUCCESS!

Little Rolly is  growing like a weed. I told myself I wouldn't call my dignified Roland by Rolly, but it is happening. I can't believe how fast time flies for the wee littles. He's three months old today. Three months. Well, he's still pretty helpless. He's only turned over once, and tat was with a little help. He grabbed a ring that was above him this morning, but I think that was a fluke. Still, his smiles are warm and he's a happy chap. I bet he's nearly 13 pounds now, if not more. He's nearly tripled his size in these three months. Right now his eyes are really pretty, too. He has this light ring of blue around his iris with a darker ring of blue around the light blue. It's really pretty. I need to try and get a picture of his eyes. Jay, make me get a picture of Roland's eyes. I'm sure they won't stay that way long. I think they look like that now because his eyes are in the middle of changing colors. Pretty Roland.

The only thing I want to remember about December when it comes to myself is the long break that is ending soon. I REALLY needed this break. I wanted to get grades finished and clean my disgusting house. I was planning on cleaning out the rat cage and organizing my paper files. I was even planning  on writing in my blog. HA HA HA! I've been so busy. It's been impossible to do any of those things. But, I don't care. I've had fun and I've spent a lot of time with the people I care about. That's really all that matters to me. It does make me feel bad for my AP students who got a butt-load of homework to do... meh, I did my time, it's their turn now. Plus, I only sent home the super butt-load to the students who actually cared about taking the AP test in the spring.

I could go into details, but I'd fall short of the true feelings and emotions brought on by all of the fun I've been having. So, I'll keep it short and sweet. I'll include o few pictures that will hopefully give you some idea of what I've been up to.
Here's my family's list of New Years Resolutions:
1. Go on a walk everyday.
2. Be better about keeping the small animal cages clean.
3. $100 in our regular savings account every month.
4. $100 in our vacation savings account every month.
5. Pay off debt and be better about money by:

  • Only one breakfast, lunch, and dinner out every month.
  • Only one movie every month
  • $25 fun-money every month
  • Jay only gets to purchase one movie every month and Brooke only gets one book/puzzle/other item every month