Friday, August 27, 2010

Once again I have to Catch up

I'm really not very good at remembering to post on this blog. It sometimes pops into my head that I should write this or that down. By the time I get to my computer the thought is gone.... its very sad.
So, I've decided I'll do a quick recap of the summer. I hope I remember everything I want to write down. It was a totally awesome summer, after all.
We'll start with Tarzan. In June Jay took me and Gabby down to Saint George to see Tarzan the Musical. Of course Gabby couldn't go see the show, but she came for the trip. We stayed in a hotel room, which is always fun. The show was a lot of fun. The singers, most of them anyway, were great. The set was fun, though really spread out. It started to rain, the toucan is an outside theatre, at the last part which really added to the drama. The next day we went on a long walk down the Virgin river. It was very hot, but very interesting. We had to turn around after we were attacked by some fire ants. After we ran away from them, yes we did run, I got to use my Sawyer Extractor for the first time on our bites. After that we went to Zions National Park. The ride there was super rainy, we drove down a road that turned into a river. :D Luckily, by the time we got there the rain had stopped and we got to see the canyon. Because we had Gabby we couldn't do very much there, but we went for a walk that the dog was allowed to go on. We saw a deer and the very swollen Virgin River. Ok, if you ever go to Zions and go through the little town just ummm I think south of the park, you gotta stop at this pizza place. Not because of the pizza though....Ther eis a smoothie and milkshake shop directly behind it. Order the Muddy Virgin, you'll LOVE IT. Ghiradelli (spelling?) Chocolate, chocolate frozen yogurt, dark chocolate chips.... OMG SOOOOO YUMMY
Mid-July we took a trip to Denver to see Carrie and Jayde. In the car we had Brandy, me and Jay, Gabby, and the holy terror, Miya. It was a fun ride. Miya actually did pretty good. We drove to Cheyenne with jay's parents, who were on their way to Ohio. That was fun. We stopped and ate and socialized for a bit. We got to Carrie's late in the afternoon. She made us her wonderful stew for dinner, then we went swimming. Swimming feels so good after a long drive. The next day we went to the Colorado wolf center. IT WAS SOOOOOO AWESOME. There are a lot of rescued wolves there and you get to go on a tour around the facility for I think ten dollars. not bad, right?
BUT, after the first tour I was surprised, by my hubby, Carrie, and Brandy, by getting to go on the VIP tour. On the VIP tour you get to go in with some of the wolves and pet them. AND GET WOLFIE KISSES. IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE!!!! THANKS SO MUCH GUYS. The wolves had odorless breathe, thanks to their raw meat diet, their fur was a lot rougher than I expected, I think in the winter their coats might be softer.AND THEY WERE SOOOOO FREAKIN CUTE. Another note about the wolf center. I heard my first wolf howls there.... well, you know, the kind you're actually present for. They were pretty.... though I think some wolfies are really awful singers... After the wolf center, we went to The Garden of the Gods. It was super crowded and super hot. We had to walk uphill to get to the main part.... talk about tiring. BUT! Once we got there it cooled off and started raining. The thunder was very nice....I've decided that I have to move out of Utah.... I really think our thunderstorms stink. The rest of the week was just as fun! We went to the Denver Zoo, Rocky Mountain National Park (WE SAW MARMOTS, The Aquarium, A butterfly Museum..... a great week. There are lots of pictures on facebook and my shutterfly account (I'll post the link to that) If you want any, just ask! Carrie took us on a very pretty ride home. I hope I remember the way....
The summer after that was pretty quiet. We had to get Jay's brakes fixed, I think the long vacation did them in....
We did go camping for Raspberry days. That was a lot of fun. We took up Jesse and her boyfriend, and Selina. Steven took up some of his buddies. We got soaked the first night. The second day we went to the craft fair and played in the lake (after getting really muddy and gross)We discovered that Gabby can swim out and save us if we needed her to. Miya is useless in that area... After that we went and played cards at Hidden Haven... lots of fun.
Gabby had an allergic reaction to something and got a bunch of sores on her nose. An expensive vet trip later and she was wearing a cone and taking medicine.... that was fun.
I FORGOT to mention Jackson. For my birthday Jay got me a little black kitty. He's a good cat, our Jack Jack. He cuddles me most nights and wreaks havoc all day.
Anyway, back to the summer. Selina, Brandy, Jay, and I went on a beautiful hike. We hiked up the backside of Timpanogos. Talk about a hard hike. It took us I think 16 hours and we couldn't move the next day. I was seriously in tears by the end, my legs had cramped up on me. The DOGS were dragging, laying down ever time we stopped. We had to convince them to get up when we continued on. WOW! It was a lot of fun though. Jay has a more detailed story that I think he should post on his blog.
Since then, I've had to go to the dentist... he's really doing a number on my mouth.... sigh and our pocketbook. Selina had a birthday and a very fun birthday party. Oh, I also forgot to mention that we were playing Dungeons and Dragons with Jesse this summer. It sounds dorky, I know, but it can actually be a lot of fun. But we've had to stop for now.... darn school
Anyway, I really enjoyed my summer off. I got to spend a lot of time with Jay, which is always great. We did a lot of fun things this summer. If only it could have lasted longer. I'm sorry if this post sounds hurried and a little unorganized. I'm trying to get it done before my next class! :D BUT, I really did need to document my amazing summer for you guys. Let me know if I missed something and I'll add it on.
Till Next time!
Here's my shutterfly webpage for pictures: