Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My fun Story

This is a very belated telling of this story, but I thought I ought to put it here, just to add to my "records"
You've probably already read this. And this is old....
June 15th

So, I’ve had a tooth ache since about last Saturday, and it was just getting worse. I was going to try to hold out till next Monday because we’re headed to Denver this weekend (as I type actually) and Monday would be my first day off when I got back. (I worked all this week, kinda) Wednesday I decided that Denver was going to really stink if I didn’t at least get to the dentist so he could give me something for the pain. I called Home Depot and told them I might be late. They were very understanding…. (I worked at 11 and the dentist could fit me in at 9)

Its been seven years since I’ve been to a dentist so I had no hope of him fixing me up that day and the pain being gone.

Well, it turned out my mouth wasn’t too bad. My wisdom teeth have come in, and on my top left side one of my teeth was rotting away, it was ‘salvageable” but the dentist advised against it, because it would be expensive and kind of a waste since I have other molars. My right side was the same, but since that side wasn’t what was hurting we decided to just do the top left for now. By the way the dentist was really nice…. We discussed the properties of Nitrous gas and other fun stuff. So, I got a wisdom tooth pulled, along with the rotter out. He also capped the tooth closest to the destruction. He prescribed Lortab and gave me.a BUNCH of gauze and sent me on my way.

Well, it was 10:15, I had plenty of time to get my prescription filled. The dentist warned me to eat with the lortab so I grabbed some pudding and fruit snacks.

I walked across the street to the Home Depot after getting the prescription filled, feeling perfectly fine. I got clocked in just in time to not be late and walked down to the front end. One of the head cashiers, Jamie, handed me my till money and sent me to the register closest to self checkout. I counted that, and then broke a lortab in half, like the dentist suggested. I then had a chance to get a spoonful of pudding in before there was a rush of people at my register.

I think I got 3 people checked out before this lady with some plants came up. I remember trying to grab her plant and then my vision going blurry and all brown and I felt faint.

I knew I was going to pass out, the last time this happened was in gym our senior year (but I was hidden from people there so no one knew) I called for Jamie because I couldn’t think of anything else to do. I remember thoughts racing through my head and then Jamie was holding me asking if I was okay . Luckily she had caught me. I passed in and out, and while I was gone they called an ambulance. Much to my disgust actually, because I don’t think a simple fainting spell warranted a trip to the emergency room.

Well, the paramedics came, and then Jay was there, someone had called him. Apparently I was pale enough that they took my vitals and shipped me off to the hospital. Ambulance rides are highly dramatized. My ambulance was quite boring. :D.

The next couple hours consisted of tons of the same questions, an EKG and an IV bag that wouldn’t drip. Jay and I got a couple of naps in between the people. I was really tired….

The hospital let me out with this amazing diagnosis; I had passed out because of the pain from the dentist, not eating that morning, the lortab, and a heavy period. My instructions were to rest, eat in the mornings and continue taking my iron supplements with some kind of fiber supplement (I don’t recall saying I was constipated)

I slept through the rest of the day, including a play at Desert Star. At least the tickets were free.