Friday, September 12, 2014

5 weeks Until My World Flips Again

Yup, another two week break from writing. Oh well. I've been busy, to say the least. Honestly, I don't feel all that much like writing right now, anyway. I'm kind of under the impression that no one really reads this anyway; that it's purely for me. That's ok, I guess, but if I'm doing something purely for my own enjoyment than really is rather play video games or read a book... Or you know, hang out with my child a bit. So, hey, if you do read, maybe you could let me know?


Obviously school is what has been keeping me the busiest. I feel pretty good about myself as a teacher most of the time. And I get told quite often that I'm doing a great job. In fact, the superintendent came in and told me I was a superstar teacher... Never met the man before, though. ;) Today, however, my confidence isn't as high as normal due to a variety of things.
1. Grades are low: this group of kids just doesn't turn in their stuff! And I just had them do the first standard, so more than half of certain classes are failing because of that. So, I'm just feeling low. I expected it because no one believes that I make them get a certain score in order to get any points at all... I'm hoping that they'll realize that they should take these seriously soon. And maybe do a make-up day sometime soon for my non-honors classes, because they don't tend to come after school even if I ask them to.
Also, I've made it so that my honors students get 1/2 credit with any late work. I was just so frustrated with them last year and how much late work I got. It was ridiculous and I didn't want to deal with that again. Plus, honors kids shouldn't be turning things in late so often. So, it's been hurting their grades. I'm hoping they'll figure it out soon. But I am also hoping that it's not too harsh of penalty.
2. Related, maybe. I had my first parent of the year come in and ask why her daughter was failing. This girl is in my honors class, but she's one of those who really probably doesn't belong there. So far she's turned in every assignment in late and incomplete. She also did poorly on her test, did not hand in her unit paper, and did not pass her standard. Well, it's obvious to me. The student did make up her standard during lunch today, before her mom came after school. So, that brought her up to a D+.
Her mom didn't seem very happy about me requiring 100% on standards, but since her daughter had made it up she didn't really push that subject. What made me really upset was her obvious discontentment at the sight of my pregnant belly. She even asked about how long I was planning on being gone and her tone with each reply blatantly implied that she didn't approve of me leaving to have a baby. 1. I have gotten a capable sub, so your daughter should be in capable hands. 2. You don't have the right to judge me for having a family, since you have one. I have every right to have a child. Sorry mine didn't come at a convenient time for you. 3. Your child should be responsible for her own learning on an honors class and I shouldn't have to be there to her hand every step of the way. 4. She seemed upset that she might not be able to come in and get in my face (yes, that is her phrasing... She said she liked to get into her child's teacher's faces). You have a disclosure with my email right at the top. Oh, you also signed it. Which means you can't be upset about the standard thing either because if you had read it you would know about the standards already. 5. We ended that conversation with her saying, "Okay..." With the tone that implied she didn't quite believe that I was able to go on maternity leave and that her daughter would still be able to learn. Look, if you don't trust me or like this circumstance then please, by all means, transfer your darling into a different class. Grrrr
3. My AP students have very low grades and do not get their homework done on time either. I'm wondering if I am assigning too much. I mean, about half of them aren't doing what they need to do. I'm not sure what to do. We're so behind already if I want to get through all of the units. Some students have even said my homework isn't bad compared to other AP classes they've had. So, should I tell these students who are struggling to maybe start where we are and work backwards to get caught up when they can? Just unsure of how to proceed here.


Charlie is getting bigger. He's going backwards at the moment with the whole potty training thing, though. He refuses to poop in the potty and he's stopped telling me when he needs to pee. I think he's scared of failure. Silly child. He is so excited to have a little brother, but he has no idea of what all is going to change.


Baby is only 5 weeks away. Needless to say, I'm getting nervous.  Is it too late to say I'm not sure if I want any more kids? :) In excited, though.
Baby had another ultrasound last week and the results show that he's not too tiny. 34th percentile for a tiny mommy isn't a bad thing.

Well, I'm done. I just got done with a birthday party for my doggy-niece Avery and I'm pooped out and grumpy.

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Carrie Garside said...

You've had a lot going on and a lot more coming your way. Chin up, kiddo. You're a great teacher and an even greater mom. Name one person (aside angry my child doesn't turn in her lessons mother) who disagrees. And, yes, we all read them. But in the end you have to do it for yourself to leave a trail to look back on.