Friday, August 29, 2014

The Last Two Weeks: Let the Fun Begin!!!

First, let me explain that I writing this phone, so you'll have to forgive a few typos and autocorrect errors. Sorry, I'm on my way up to one of my favorite places and I didn't have time to stop and write in my blog. ;) Now I'm riding in the jeep, so I have some time to type.

It Starts

I realize I didn't get to post last week. I think I have a really good excuse. With school starting I've had a lot on my mind. 
Let's start with last week. There wasn't actually any school last week, but the district hosted a while week full if meetings and professional development to attend. Why would they want us working in our classrooms the week before school starts, right? That really is one of the more frustrating things. We were promised 3 days for teacher planning. Well, we got half a day for 3 days. Gee, thanks a bunch for the 9 hours to get ready. The other annoying thing about last week was the fact that it was the BIGGEST waste of time that I have had to endure my entire 2 years teaching. It honestly felt like they were just trying to fill the time, my time. I could have spent this time much more productively working on my own.

The Weekend

The weekend was really great because it got to spend a lot of time with my boys. It was a much needed weekend, too.
To start, Friday was Charlie's birthday (the little guy turned 3!) and I couldn't help but throw him a birthday bash. It was a lot of fun, and Charlie had a blast, but it was dang exhausting. It was definitely worth it though, Charlie was so excited to have a night devoted purely to himself.

On Saturday we had a family reunion to go to. It was fun, but the best part was just being able to have another day to hang out with my boys because we didn't go to Hale. It was very nice. 

Sunday was pretty much a normal Sunday. After dinner we went to the Great Salt Lake to collect brine shrimp for my classes. It was actually quite fun. Jayde came with us and I was so proud of Charlie for walking the whole way out there and back. He HATED the mud though. It was pretty funny, who'd of thunk he was such a prissy boy.


I'm just going to mention that I am frustrated now because I had finished my post and then somehow deleted everything.
Anyway. The first day of school came and went. Classes on the first day went by without any major hiccups and all of the students were very polite. It was a pretty good day. I, however, was unable to enjoy my successes. I was just too overwhelmed. I just couldn't see doing this 179 more days and have a baby in the middle of it. I'm still quote worried about it, to be honest. After school I hurried off to Hale while Jay went to the first of his classes. Joy.
The second day of school felt much better. It really wasn't any different than the day before. But I felt better. I think i just needed to get back into the swing of things.
The rest of the week passed by rather uneventfully, but indefinitely came home practically dead every day. It's an exhausting thing, teaching.
I had a rather unhappy encounter with a patron last night. It upset me quite a bit, but I right now it's really not even bothering me anymore. I'm just more irritated that it happened than anything else.


Charlie has been a champ about Mommy going back to work. I'm so proud of him. My favorite thing right now is when he holds my hand and whispers, "Mommy, you're my best friend." It makes my heart swell every time.
Charlie had his 3 year appointment yesterday. Everything seemed to be normal, but I was flabbergasted when I heard that the doctor told us to watch his weight. Here I was thinking he looked rather skinny every time I see his ribs. Shows what I know.

Baby Red

I had an appointment yesterday as well. Yeah yesterday was a fun day.
Red is still measuring small, so I get to go have another extra ultrasound next week to check on him. It's during school, so yeah, I get to figure that out. I think I've somehow worked it out.

The Joke of the Day

I just have to tell you today's story.
This morning was extremely frustrating. Seriously, Mrs. Funk should have had a giant FAIL stamped onto her forehead.
I was planning on doing a lab with those brine shrimp I talked about earlier. Well, I got to school and all the brine shrimp were dead. Yes, all of them. So, I had to think quickly and decide what to do during first period. 
The lab was meant to sit up a rather long PowerPoint and break things up a bit. I decided that I would go ahead and do the whole PowerPoint and if there was time I was going to do the first half of the lab, the part without the brine shrimp. It turns out I only had time to finish the PowerPoint and those poor students had to sit there and listen to me and take notes for a whole hour. I felt so bad for them, how boring! Needless to say, I was really flustered and unorganized the whole class period trying to figure out how to make things a little bit more upbeat. 
The last few minutes of class I was asking the students some review questions when the principal walked in to observe my class. Great, perfect. He could have come all week, but he decides to come when I can barely think straight. Oy. Well, class ends and I got to go on to 2nd period.
I had another lab planned for 2nd period, but for some reason I panicked and decided that there wasn't enough time to do the lab with the assembly schedule. So, I spent another hour extremely flustered, trying to figure out what I was doing. I just wasn't working like I normally do. I'm usually very composed and organized.
Well, lunch freed me from my hell and I was rather disgusted with myself. I needed the break, though. I managed to find some of my confidence for 3rd period, since if be doing the same thing that I ended up doing 2nd period. So, that class was going a lot better. 
During 3rd, I took a few students down to the main office to help me carry some boxes back to my room. On our way there, the principal saw me and beckoned me over to talk to him. I thought, great, he's going to ask what was going on this morning when he observed my class. Here is what he said. Try and picture my face.
"Brooke, that was the most awesome teaching I have seen all week. It was great. I'd like to have the production team come in and take a video of your class sometime next week. I want to show it to everyone at the next faculty meeting. " He then went on to explain how that would work. My expression must have been pretty clueless because he seemed to be thinking I wasn't understanding him. It probably would have been even better had I kept my mouth shut, but I had to explain the very confused expression on my face. So, I explained to him how my morning really went. He went on to say how he was happy to have a teacher who can teach so well even on the "bomb days."
I walked back to class, laughing the whole way . I nearly forgot my students at the office. 

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