Friday, August 15, 2014

Last Week

Well, this was it, the last week of summer. It's been a pretty good week, I guess. Very relaxed, I think. I'm going to do this a little bit differently to continue the "week" theme and write about each day.


Not much happened on Monday. I took my brother's dog to and from the vet. That was the plan for the day, anyway.
I also decided that Charlie needed a trip to the park and a slurpee, so we did that. Other than that, it was a pretty boring kind of day. It's dark week, so we didn't even have Hale. It was a good, relaxing, Masterchef kind of night. 


On Tuesday I went to school and made copies of my 1st unit of AP Bio. I thought it was going to take me all afternoon, but I had the copier all to myself and it only jammed once, so I got all of the copying done in about an hour. Then I went to my classroom and started unpacking my room. I had everything all put away because I didn't want it out for the summer school students to destroy.
I also talked to the secretary about subs. This has been a subject that has been scarring me all summer long. I have to find a sub that is willing to kind of clear their schedule for when Red comes. I've been putting it off a bit. More on this later.
Then I went home and I finally, after two years of wanting to do it, vacuumed out Charlie's playhouse. I've known it was dirty and I've never really felt comfortable letting him play in there. I feel much better about it now, especially since Jay sprayed it for spiders.
I thought it was going to be a lame, watch tv all night kind of night again, but Jay convinced me to take a walk. As soon as we got outside it started pouring rain. It was lovely. We were all drenched and I LOVED it. More walk in the rain, please.


I went back into school on Wednesday to finish putting my classroom back together. Way too much crawling and climbing around for a pregnant woman. Needless to say I was EXHAUSTED when I got home.
We still managed to go for a walk that evening, though.


Yesterday I stayed home with the kid all day. I love him, but he really can drive me up the wall sometimes.
I decided to sleep in as long as I possibly could and was woken from a fairly fitful sleep with the door slamming open and "HI MOM!" :) It made me smile. The best part? It was 9:00, a pretty good time to sleep in to.
I went out and played in a certain playhouse for far too long and was kind of grumpy and restless most of the morning, though. I wanted to go shopping for Charlie's birthday and for his playhouse so badly. But, we're kind of poor at the moment, so I had to restrain myself, which made me a little grumpy.
When I got the kid down for a nap (ha ha as if he was actually sleeping) I finally got up the nerve to start calling substitutes for October (ish). Well, lucky me, the first person I called was a gold mine. She has a teaching license for California and has a biology background. WIN! She's also pretty darn flexible, emails and texts. TRIPLE WIN! She seems very willing to work with me. So, yay, job done. Kind of. We can only have a sub for a maximum of 4 days a week, so I need to figure out a Monday sub. But, honestly, I'm thinking of just calling in a random sub for Mondays and giving them a very simple lesson. I don't know, but now that I found a main sub I need to talk to the secretary and ask how to report it. That'll be where I start anyway. Then I can think about Mondays. Yes, I'm proud of myself.
I had a doctor appointment yesterday afternoon. Things are looking ok... there's some extra fluid on Red's kidneys and we've done an extra ultrasound scan to keep an eye on it. Things have pretty much stayed the same, there wasn't an increase in fluids, but not really a decrease either. There isn't enough fluid there that the doctor is super worried, he's just made a note to tell the pediatrician when the baby is born, and they might do an ultrasound on him when he's born. So, I'm a little bit worried, but, at this point there's not much to do about it.
The doctor also isn't too happy about my weight gain. Yeah, I gained one pound in two weeks. So, I'm a little small. I'm a little worried about that, too. I just wish I had more of an appetite. Oh well, I might start gaining once school starts and I'm less stressed (I know that statement might not have made sense to most of you. Just go with it). Charlie was measuring small for a little bit of my last pregnancy, too, so it might be nothing to worry about it.
Last night I got to go hang out with my friends. I got to see Setar! I haven't seen Setar for a very long time. She's been in California (darn California). I was so happy to see her again. She better not be away so long again.
Then, Jay was really craving Olive Garden, so we went there after hanging out with my buddies. We were out really late and pretty much went straight to bed when we got home.


Today is a lazy day. I got the stuffed bell peppers in the crock pot and haven't done anything but watch Frozen with my cutie-pie and write in this blog.
I don't know that we have any plans for later, either. I know we need to watch Big Brother (he he), but there's not much else. I think I'm going to make us go shopping for Charlie and maybe clean up the porch as well.


No real plans for tomorrow. I was thinking we could go to Antelope Island or something (YAY Darkweek) because I need to collect some brine shrimp for school anyway. It'll depend on how late we sleep in.


Probably church... that is all.

Well, that's it. I didn't really like the format of this post, so it probably won't happen like this again. I'll talk at you next week. ;) Hopefully I'll have more to say after school and district meetings.

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