Thursday, June 9, 2011

Week 28

Holy cow! Can you say "Spoiled Baby?!" My little guy is going to be very well-dressed, thanks to the 2 baby showers I had last week. The Hale Baby Shower was fun. I shared that one with Venice. Not a lot of people came, but that made it nice. That was Thursday night.
Friday I had a doctor's appointment. Baby is doing well. I'm at 125 pounds. Holy cow. Really not much new stuff to report on the baby front. His kicks are getting super strong, I don't have gestational diabetes, and my iron is low so I have to take an iron supplement along with my other pre-natal pill. Yippee!
Friday night we had dinner for my birthday with Jay's family. Yummy Red Robin. Then we ran over to a viewing for my Great-Grandma Barber. I was all prepared to walk into a room full of crying relatives. Boy was I wrong. As soon as Jay and I stepped through the door there were subdued shrieks of delight and my tummy was suddenly under attack by many rubbing hands. Everyone was in a good mood, smiling. It was a little odd. But much better than the grimness I had expected. Mostly, I was happy to see that Grandpa wasn't off in a corner crying. No, he was being his normal, happy, loud, and humorous self.So, yeah, that didn't turn out to be so bad.
  The other shower, thrown by Jay's Mom and sisters on Saturday Morning.  That one was an open-house for my ward. I really had a hard time being the center of attention, and I kind of closed up and didn't talk to anyone but Brandy. Which was dumb, I wish I wasn't so darn shy. But it did turn out well, I had fun.
Then we rushed over to my Great-Gram's funeral. We missed the service, sadly, but we did make it in time to follow everyone up to where she was being buried. That was pretty good too. Everyone seemed a little more subdued and there quiet tears here and there, I cried a little, but everything turned out ok. Grandpa made us go to the little luncheon after that. Sigh, gunna miss grandma, but at least she's in heaven now.
The rest of saturday is a blur. I know we went to Toys R' Us and bought a swimming pool for Gabby, but it wouldn't fit in the car, so we had to wait for Jay's dad to come to the rescue. Then we played outside for a bit. At some point we must have had dinner, but I have no idea what it was. Then we watched 30 rock and Highlander the rest of the night. Yup, that's the kind of stuff we do when we actually have a Saturday off.
Sunday, church. Meh. Dinner with my family. Yum turkey, pissy parents. Good walk with Miya though. And then Killer Bunnies for 3 hours..... :D
Monday-dentist. I don't need to say more. Then a meeting at Hale and we watched a dress rehearsal of the new show "Dirt Rotten Scoundrels." Meh. It's a slow show and the music isn't all that interesting.
Tuesday.... I don't remember Tuesday. Must not have been terribly interesting.
Wednesday..... Dentist.... 2 fillings and a tooth pulled. Not fun. But Charlie kept me entertained and reassured  most of the time. He doesn't like me on my back for long periods of time and he was letting me know it. Good news though, I didn't pass out! YAY! Maybe that was thanks to Charlie too. When you're pregnant you have about 1.5Xs more blood in you. I bet it's harder for your brain to not get enough blood that way, so I didn't need to faint. Thank God.
Then we went to work. Which wasn't interesting. Except that I got chewed out for not asking for help putting out programs. Grrr. I just do my job until it's done. It's not my fault the rest of the ushers sat down and started talking. They should know when there's is more work to be done and it's not my job to keep them on task. Plus, I wasn't lifting heavy boxes, just putting programs out. Sheesh.
Today, Thursday, I met with Nicole about those silly Brine Shrimp. Now I'm waiting for a meeting about Science in the Parks that starts next week.
Yup, pretty interesting and boring week :D More to come. More to come..... I didn't take any pictures this week. So, I guess I'll just put a random one up.
Quote of the week: ""For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack." -Rudyard Kipling "

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