Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week 27

Yup. Forgot another Week. But oh well! It's been a little crazy, anyway.
Well. Most of last week was spent getting ready for Capitol Reef.
Then, there was Capitol Reef. It was a blast. Just Jay, me, and Brandy. Plus the poochies. We all went down in Jay's Dad's Truck (That's it's name). It was a little squashed, but the dogs behaved for the most part. We got there in really good time. I mean, we were able to leave at about one and got there about 5 and we had that really long stop at the Arby's in Nephi. But there still wasn't a camp spot open in the park. The ranger person we talked to suggested that we go park in BLM land just outside the park for the night and get to the park early the next morning to steal some spots that were opening up. (That reminds me, I was going to look up exactly what BLM land is!!) It was free, which is always nice. So, we went and found a pretty nice spot out in the middle of no-where. It was super windy, and once we actually got outside and unpacking we decided it wouldn't be worth it to put up our tent just to take it down and put it up again the next day. So we all decided to sleep in the truck overnight. Little did we know how stupid of a decision that would end up being! But, we made hobos, the potatoes never quite got cooked, and enjoyed the fire until we decided it was time to go to bed. Bed sucked. I think everyone but me and Miya got some kind of sleep in, but not much. Miya and Gabby were so uncomfortable that they were constantly moving, which would wake up Jay or Brandy. I was up the whole night. It was very very very boring. But I did get to look at all of the stars, it was pretty. Jay woke up for good around 3:45 and we just kind of sat there together and whispered to each other for an hour or so. Then the alarm went off at 5, we were all awake at that moment anyway, and we took of toward Capitol Reef.
We found a spot immediately and stuck in it. It was a really good spot. We were right next to the bathroom (very good for the preggie lady and the thirsty dogs who needed a water spigot close by) and on the edge of an orchard. Plenty of room for the poochies to roam on their 20 foot leashes and not bother anybody. It ended up being a warm day. We walked to the Visitor's Center (the only walk the pups are allowed on) in the morning. By the time we got back we were ready for lunch. We decided to have it at the picnic area. So we packed our food and cooler over there. The firepit was in the sun, so cooking lunch was hot, but we moved over to the shade once we were done and played Killer Bunnies. Such a fun game. Then we went to the river and let the dogs go nuts, they had so much fun.
We hauled our exhausted selves back to camp and rested until we dedcided to go to dinner. Somehow I planned on one less dinner than we needed so we went to a mexican restaurant outside the park. On our way we stopped at various viewpoints and small walks that the dogs could stay in the car for. Sadly, the awful night and heat got to Jay and he went to bed early. I built a fire and Brandy and I had s'mores, but we were both really tired too, so we just went to bed early that night.
I hadn't had such a good night's sleep in over a month, thanks to Charlie, so I woke up refreshed and ready to go. Jay was feeling better too. But I made the rule that neither of us were allowed to drink anything but water until we emptied our camel bags. which we did about mid-afternoon. This morning, and the rest of the day, was super windy, so it was also a lot cooler. We went for another walk to the Visitor's Center, let the dogs run in the river again, had lunch, and then got in the car for some more sigh-seeing. That took up most of the day. We had Spaghetti for dinner and played Killer Bunnies again. Then we decided to go to a Ranger's presentation of the Solar System. All of us have curious minds and can't resist the urge to learn some new things. Let's just say that it was soooooo freakin cold and windy that the dogs were shivering like crazy and the ranger cut his presentation short. It was a cold night.
We pretty much woke up, packed, ate breakfast, packed again, and left. But it was a really fun weekend! Once we got home Jay and I watched Highlander. I think I was dehydrated, because I was pretty sick and out of it the rest of the night. I remember that Steven came over and showed off his new SUV (SOOOOO JEALOUS) and I remember falling asleep when Jay brought me downstairs, but that's it. Oops.
That was Memorial Day Weekend, I had a lot of fun. Though I wish the rest of the family could have come. We were pretty limited with what we could do with the dogs. I guess a pregnant me limited us too.
As for the rest of this week?
Well, yesterday Brandy and I turned 22. Whoot. Ok. Not that exciting. But, we went and saw Suessical the Musical at Hale Center Theatre in Orem. I definitely recommend the show to anyone. It was very cute and the music is a lot of fun. The theatre was really tiny though, it was weird.
And that's it so far.
I have 2 baby showers coming up with the end of the week. Oh boy! :) We'll see of having a baby shower is any fun!
As for Charlie, he liked the show last night, he was dancing, I think. He's just been getting stronger. I have another appointment on Friday, so I'll give a better update after that.
Brooke-0 out.

Quote:"I'm alone in the universe, so alone in the universe. I found magic, but they don't see it." Horton the Elephant.

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