Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some random whining

It's the best week of the semester! The week before FINALS!!!! AHHHH! Not really sure how to cope with them this semester. Tomorrow I have my lab safety final, I really don't care what happens with that. Yeah, I read over my notes, but that class is ridiculously ridiculous. (That phrase just made me think of Professor Lupin and his charm against boggarts....)Then on Monday there's class. Tuesday... 2 finals, Human Physiology and Evolution. Wednesday... last 2 finals.... Genetics and Botany. 5 finals. In three days... kinda. It just makes me shutter. I'm not good at studying for two things at a time. So, we'll see how that goes. Wish me luck! :D
I'm a little sad the semester is ending. I did end up enjoying all of my classes at at least one point during the semester. Luckily I can adapt like that. :D I've really started to admire my professors. I want to do undergrad research with ALL OF THEM, but really don't have the time, yet. I have too many other classes to take right now, especially this fall. I do need to do some independent research for my major at one point. Maybe I'll get time then.
I think I'm jut rambling now. Forgive me. I think its just the effects of the last week....
Hopefully once summer comes I'll have more time to write... maybe even more content to write about.
I do have something to write about!!!! I got a scholarship from Weber's College of Science... no idea how much its for yet, they haven't told me. But I went to the awards ceremony. :D
Well I guess I should get back to it.... ok that's a lie. I'm going to go watch survivor. Adios!
Quote of the Day:
"Wolf Credo

Respect the elders....Teach the young...Cooperate with the pack
Play when you can...Hunt when you must...Rest in between
Share your affections...Voice your feelings...Leave your mark."


fantastic funk said...

Good luck on your finals my dear! You can do it!!! I love you :) It's been fun riding to school with you every day...and home a couple days a week. See ya later

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