Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break

Spring Break was really interesting for me. First, Jay really didn't want to go to work with me home all day, poor kid. So, he ended up using 2 vacation days to stay home for 2/5 of the week. Which was fun.
I went for a hike nearly every day of the week, except Tuesday, because it was snowing.
I spent a total of 10 hours on homework, that darn timeline for history of science, and that was all.... Apparently a very large and time-consuming assignment.
Colton, Jay, and I went to see Watchmen.... I hated it. I'm just not that into gore and crap just for the sake of gore and crap. But I do like horror movies.... just not that into extra-violent super-hero movies, except Batman, but he's just too awesome.
Jesse and I hung out on Wednesday, I forgot how talkative she was... wow....
I visited Mr. Moore and Mr. Fuller, it was good to see my substitute father-figures. Sadly, I've given up trying to hide that's what they were, it was how it was. Family-life just sucked at that point in time.
Friday we went to Hastings' and Jayde's house and had that extra-wonderful stew she makes (MUST GIVE ME SOME KIND OF RECIPE BEFORE YOU LEAVE HASTINGS) and watched our favorite sleuth. Poirot, I'm starting to get back into that obsession.
SATURDAY WAS FUN! We had kind of a lame hike because the dang leopards think they own the state, but after that we had some fun.
Jay and I went to The Outdooor Expo, and we got excited about the summer. There was a lot of hunting stuff there that was imteresting to at least look at. I'm gunna go fishing this summer, darn it!
THEN! Dinner at the Mayan. :D Seeing Grandma's face when her children told her they were sending her to Hawaii, something I'll never forget, happy tears.
Oh, I got glasses too! They're nice!

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CassandJayde said...

If I give you the recipe I must KILL YOU! Kidding, very easy. I'll e-mail it to you. As for the Grandma-Grandpa Mayan experience: WOW! I love / hate it when grandma cries when she is happy!