Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Bad News

The last of our rats, Pearl, died on Sunday night. We think the other rats we took in might have given her something, since they both died. But, Pearl lived a good 2 years. I think that's good for rats... not sure. And I saw on Sunday morning that she wasn't doing very well so we put her in our warmer room, in a smaller cage so she could get some food and water easier. I gave her lots of cuddles before she died, which she seemed to like. So... sigh, we don't have any more rats or mice. Very sad.

Otherwise this weekend was a pretty good one. Jay stayed home on Monday. He was sicky in the morning. I wasn't feeling to great either, that time of month, so I didn't complain much. We slept till 10, which was SUPER nice. I really love my hubby.

TODAY, was a snow route day for the buses in Ogden. Which meant a long walk up the hill for my class, and a long walk back down for the bus. My feet are currently freezing, just waiting to get home to my nice warm, Yellowstone wolfie socks.

Well, till next time....

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Carrie said...

Poor little Pearl...