Friday, November 18, 2011

Things Are Getting a Little Crazy for the Funks

Wow, thing kind of exploded  in the last few weeks! I can't believe how crazy it's been. When you add in that I haven't been feeling my best and the semi-blah weather I just can't believe I'm still standing. It's no wonder my hair has been falling out.
First insanity=being a teacher! We finally got into the classroom! It's been a blast, I'm so excited! Mike and Scott, my teaching team, have had very fun lessons. Their content has allowed for very interactive and investigation-based lessons. This has worried me a bit because besides a whole day model project I don't have as interesting of lessons. I'm doing a power point lecture about the layers of the Earth, followed by an activity with the vocabulary I present. Then the next day the students are becoming experts on one layer of the atmosphere and teaching their peers about it in groups. I dunno, I just don't think it's as interesting for them. But, really, the content kind of lends itself to that kind of instruction. So, I dunno. Wish me luck. I'm super excited.
Second crazy thing. Charlie, just Charlie. He seems to have gotten over what was bothering him last week and making him cranky. He's back to his little peaceful self, thank goodness. He's such a happy little guy. He's growing so fast. He's 12 weeks old! It almost bothers me that he's grown so much. But that's what they're supposed to do I suppose.
Third craziness. Poor Carrie out in Denver had to have appendix removed and needed someone to come help her out with Jayde and other stuffs. So the grandparents flew out to Denver and they've been there all week. Carrie is doing ok, thank goodness. I hope they stay out there as long as she needs them. We've just had to line up new baby sitters for the week. That hasn't been a problem. Jay's mom and my mom have been very willing to take care of Charlie when we need them to. I've just lost someone to help me take care of Charlie when I'm home. It's been fine, I'm just used to having more help. I don't have someone to immediately answer my questions if I have them or take Charlie when I need to get some homework done. Luckily, there hasn't been much homework this week because we've been teaching. Plus, I've gotten a lot of time with Charlie all to myself, which has been really nice.Still, it'll be nice when Grandma and Grandpa get back. Becka needs them!
Ha! Just got off the phone! They're comin back tomorrow!
Here's the picture of Charlie in his blessing outfit I promised.

Other news? Not much. We got a PS3...... so fun! :D:D:D:D Ta ta for now.

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