Thursday, November 10, 2011

Such a cute Baby

Wow! I'm sorry! I really do mean to write more often. Life has just been insane lately.
First bit of insaneness. My TWS. That stands for Teacher Work Sample. We, that is my teaching group and I for this semester, have to make one up for the couple of weeks we are teaching BEFORE we go teach them. So the last couple weeks has been a scramble trying to get all of that done. Good thing too, cause we start tomorrow, it may even be today depending on when I get this post finished! I'm so excited!!!! :D 7th graders! BRING IT ON!
But, I'm more excited to see Charlie grow even more. My priorities in life have completely flip-flopped. For some reason I never put family on the top of my list. So far life has just been about getting into a career I can enjoy. Now, all I really care about is making sure Charlie has a good life and spending time with him and Jay. I live for baby smiles and attempts at giggles.
He's getting so big. We've had a doctors appointment since I last wrote. He was 11 lbs 11 ounces and 24 inches long. The Doc says he's a tall boy, like in the 90th percentile..... how the heck did that happen?! He also got his 1st set of immunizations that day. Poor guy. It broke his heart to learn that people could be that mean. Then the rest of the night every time someone touched his legs his bottom lip would curl and his heart would be broken all over again. Made Mommy so sad. But he survived. Didn't even get a fever.
Wow, it's been a crazy couple of weeks.
So much has happened. Pam's Halloween party. Fun as always. Halloween was fun too! First time trick or treating with the baby!He got a lot of candy........ I don't understand.
Charlie got blessed last Sunday. He was so cute..... but he pooped out his outfit before we could get pictures. So we're planning on getting some taken this Sunday. Why is he so good at ruining clothes?
Another thing has come up that is sort of odd. The pediatrician noticed that the right side of his head is a little flatter than his left and that he doesn't turn his head left as well as he turns it right. How crazy! After she prompted us we realized that he usually turns his head right to sleep and likes to look right to look at us. I wouldn't of even thought of it as a problem! Well, we've been going to physical therapy to fix it. I think there has been a lot of improvement after just 2 weeks of working with Charlie. Hopefully tomorrow will be the last PT session and I can just pay attention. Right now he's on his left side just as often as he is on his right side. Babies are so weird.
Heeee Charlie found his hands, and good luck getting him to get them out of his mouth. It's so bad that he slobbers all over the place. Did I mention he found his tongue, too? That just adds to the drool. He found his voice as well. He likes to talk and squeal to the lady bug that makes music. I'm not sure how he got so fascinated with that thing. But it's cute. Did I mention that all I really care about right now is that little guy?! I never stop talking about him. :)

Well, I'd better go. Hopefully I'll remember to write more.

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