Friday, October 31, 2014

October: 1 Month of Fun

October just flew by. This makes me sad... October is my favorite month and I feel like I didn't get to do most of the things that we normally do that make October awesome. But, this was a very special October, so it made up for what we missed.


Oh My God... Roland is a month old already. What the heck happened?! I just want him to stay this tiny (and cuddly) forever. Maybe without the eating every two hours and waking up at night. But, I love him tiny and I just want him today that way. If Charlie taught me one thing it was that they grow too fast and quickly become uncuddly.
Well, Roland, a month of life. I'd say he's had a good month. At his two week check up he had already gained a whole pound, and I'd say he's gained at least half a pound more since then.
Roland likes to be held. It's hard to get anything done with this sweet little guy crying every time he gets out down. He seems to have a grumpy time each day: 7:30-10:00. He's a bear. A grumpy, grumpy bear. Oh well, hopefully he'll grow out of that quickly. As far as nights go: He usually wakes up once a night. Anytime between 2:30 and 4:30. Still, it could be much much worse.
He just had an ultrasound on his kidneys, remember the fluid during gestation? His kidneys look normal now. :)

"Mom, can we leave baby home with the dogs." I believe this statement sums up how Charlie is doing quite nicely. Another one, every time baby starts crying I hear, "Ugh, I'm sick of this." Poor guy. These make me smile, though. We're trying to make him feel special every once in a while, but it's tough. Jay and I really need to work on making him feel good. He's feeling rather displaced.
But... This kid is excited for Halloween! He's been talking about it since August and it's finally almost here. Tomorrow I will have a little Bumblebee transformer wandering around. I promise to take pictures.
Charlie had a dentist appointment a couple of weeks ago. His teeth are perfect, according to his dentist. And he was such a brave little boy for the dentist. I'm so proud of him. I love this little boy more than I can possibly express. I had an awful dream the other night. He died, I don't even remember how. But I was so devastated. I woke up crying and it took every bit of my will-power to not go in and check on him. I cuddled close to Jay... I don't know what I'd do with myself if something happened to my Charlie....


So, I've been back at school. I'm very happy to be back to work. It's hard, though. I just keep thinking about how much I'm missing at home. Still, I know I can't sit at home without being a nervous wreck, so it's better this way. I love my job, anyway.
That said, I was pretty overwhelmed the first few days back, playing catch-up. And, my poor AP classes are like a whole month and a half behind... I really am not sure how to handle this. I'm going to have to skim over some stuff. But it's hard to say what I can leave out. It's all so important!
It made me feel special when students walked into class and I'd hear, "Yes! She's back!" I love that I'm loved.


Brooke is tired, like 24/7. Still, I'm happy. Life is good. I'm not planning on having any more children at the moment though. ;) two is tough. My headaches have increased in frequency lately, but I think the reasons are pretty obvious. I have an appointment next week where I'll hopefully get a new, more permanent prescription for them. I'm thinking that later I'll also go in to get my thyroid checked. Might as well, since I've met my out of pocket for my insurance...


I've got to spend a lot of time with my family this month. It's made me grateful to have such a loving group of people that I belong to. I love them all. It's been fun. We went to Olive Garden for Steven's birthday and the Melting Pot for Jayde's. We had our yearly Halloween Party at Aunt Pam's. I love that so much, I look forward to that every year. There's been Trunk or Treating with my Mom and a Pumpkin Patch with just my little family. It's been nice.
Still, there's this big, aching gap where my sister belongs. It's hurt lately. A lot. I wish she could be here now. I feel all the worse because I haven't been able to get in touch with her much since Roland was born. In fact, we haven't even face-timed together at all since he was born. Not until yesterday when Carrie was face-timing her and I butted in. Sigh. Brandy, I still cry some nights. I miss you lots right now, Sis. I can't wait to see you for Christmas.

Ok, I  know I promised pictures on my last blog post. I haven't had time to upload Anyang from my camera since. This weekend. I'll make a special post just for pictures. Sorry. Busy busy Brooke. Love you all, stay happy. I think I'll end this post with a howl. Aaaaaoooooooo

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