Sunday, November 9, 2014

This Past Week

Now that I've started writing, I've realized that I don't know what I want to talk about. Mommy brain. I'll just do the normal sections. I had so much to talk about yesterday. Today I don't. 

Charlie and a Roland

My boys, I love my boys. I was planning on spending a lot of time with them this week, promised myself I would not be so busy. Fail. Just fail. Well, we'll make it a goal for this week. 
I want to start working on Charlie's counting and saying the ABCs. I've kind of stopped, I've been so busy, but I want to help my baby be the best he can be. 
Oh! I think we've made a potty training break through. He's actually pooped in the potty quite a few times this week. He hasn't been perfect, but I think it's been an important break through. He's not so scared of pooping.
Roland is eating so much right now, he must be on a growth spurt. I've started having a lot of fun with him. He's gotten to the point that he's developing a personality. He's started half-smiling. Beautiful, acne-covered face. I'm not so scared of him either, he's a little sturdier. I've also gotten some great cuddles in the middle of the night. Really really REALLY good cuddles. He's growing so fast. I'm already missing his petite little 5 pound body.


I love school. It stresses me out, but I love it. Right now my biggest source of stress is the fact that my AP classes are about a month and a half behind. I'm terrified that we won't get far enough and whenever I think about it my heart skips many beats. So I've been asking for advice from other AP teachers. The best idea came from a source I wasn't expecting much help from. I think what I'm going to do is just stay the course, go as fast as the students can, but not kill them. Then, I will take the kids who are serious about taking the AP test and doing some extra study sessions in the spring. We'll either do a night every week or a whole Saturday once a month, I can't decide. I'll also give those students some extra work over the winter break. I've just got to decide what that extra shall be. Probably some organ system or ecology stuff.

Home Life

My house is such a mess. I come home and I don't feel like doing anything at all. But, it's disgusting. I need to just pick one room a week to clean and clean well. Then I can feel somewhat accomplished. Sigh, it's just hard. Between Charlie and the animals as soon as I get something cleabed another part of the house has been destroyed. It's disheartening. Homes are too much trouble.

Thoughts of the Future

I can't wait for summer already. ;) I know you're thinking I have a long wait. You're right. But, the summer is going to be fun! It sounds like we're going to Disneyland in June. Plus, I asked Jay if we could take some time in Yellowstone (I hear Charlie asking about going back at least once a week). Jay didn't say no, so I'm counting it as a yes. :)
Also, summer 2016 I'm thinking is another Canada summer. Could be fun! We're thinking Niagara Falls this time. 

Pictures FINALLY

 I finally got my pictures from October off my camera. So, here are all of the pictures I owed you from October.

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