Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Weekend!

Talk about one of those weekends that should never end.
I had such a wonderful weekend, starting with Friday on through Monday.
When I got home on Friday Jay had already taken Gabby for a walk and was playing his video game. I was, admittedly, very cranky. (My lab was very stressful, we had to classify ants into their different families or orders or something like that)But, Jay understood and just cuddled with me. I'm not sure we had dinner......I fell asleep really fast. Must have slept 2 and a half hours because when I woke up we were going to a movie with Dan and Brandy at 930. It was a good movie, and I was in a much better mood, and I got to cuddle some more.
Saturday, Valentines Day, was lovely. I woke up to Jay saying he would be right back. When I woke up again it was over an hour later and Jay still wasn't back. I was slightly miffed and went to check if he was playing his game. He wasn't.... so I went back to bed. Jay came down about 3 minutes later, cold, wet and cuddly.
We went upstairs, don't remember why, and when we went downstairs there were rose pedals spread out on the bed, with hot chocolate, cinnamon bears and roses. Such a sweet hubby I have.
From there we did some stuff that had to get done.... all fun and games.... got my ring cleaned *SHINY*
Then we went to work for one show. Which was pretty fun because everyone was happy (at first)
After that we went to Olive Garden. I know, mistake on Valentine's Day, right.... well it was fun!
We got our name on the list then walked around the mall for a while.... then we came back and waited for another hour.
Dinner was AWESOME!!! I tried Calamari, he he he... tastes like clams to me.... but it was yummy..... :D
After that we went to a movie with Colton, Inkheart.... It's got a FERRET!!!! Definitely on my list of suggested movies.
Then we woke up early to go to church.... so much fun..... not.
THEN we came home to take a nap..... yay.
THEN dinner with Jay's family and what's becoming a traditional game of scene it..... Jay's parents have watched way too much tv in their lives.... :D Which is all good. I helped out on the one Simpsons question.... he he he
We went home and the Amazing Race.... I had a few emotional moments (I'm on my period) because I have deemed the pair of hicks "Mom and Dad, " and I really don't want them to lose because I for some reason always want the underdogs to do well.... I cried when they showed us next weeks scenes and mom was lost....The couple we named "Dan and Brandy" lost.....
Jay wasn't supposed to stay home for Monday. But he did... which was fun for me.
We had breakfast with Jesse and then played a few hours of Mario... we wen to lunch with Kortney for her birthday. After that Jay played his game while did homework....
Grandma and Grandpa took us to dinner for their anniversary... :D
then we went to a Hale meeting which I can't write about right now...not until tomorrow.
It made me cry too
BUT it was an EXCELLENT weekend.... thank you honey-bear

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CassandJayde said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Brooke-O. I'm glad you had a good time.