Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February, Feelin the Love

The first month of 2009, and spring semester, is over! Now, on to a new and hopefully more fabulous month. So far this year I've:
  • Started what seems to be a new tradition for Friday nights, with Carrie and Jayde. It's been really fun to spend nights with them so far, and I'm sure we'll think of other activities. It's always nice to have quality time with your family.
  • Planned out my Saturday Mornings for the summer. Though the prospect of waking up early on Saturday mornings brings tears to my eyes, I love hiking and it'll be great way to get into shape.
  • Tried to bring my usual order and method back into play, it tried to escape last semester.... I blame chemistry.
  • Have pretty much solidified what I want to do with my life. My current classes and education are just fueling my desire to learn more about the biological world.
  • Figured out a way to reconcile my scientific and religious beliefs.... And though I hate talking about my beliefs, it was talking to other people that helped me figure out what exactly I believe!
  • Have just fallen further and further in love with my husband!
On those lines of thinking, I guess I'll talk about Jay and I for a few moments. I don't know when the honey-moon period is over for most couples, but I'm sure Jay and mine period is going to be extra-extended! If it ever ends! Maybe I'm just horribly optimistic, but I don't see it ever ending! We've been together for a pretty long period of time now, and I don't think we've had a blow-out fight. We're both starting to get used to each other's strange little "things we do." And we still haven't had too big of a fight. They always seem big when we have them, but they're not. I don't think we've had a fight over anything serious yet, though. But we're both very forgiving towards each other so far. Anywho, I hope this lovely "period" never ends. I enjoy the nightly cuddles, the phone calls every few hours, all the love Jay gives to me, and loving him back!
Now.... what to give a man for Valentines Day?! I seriously need help here.... I can't do a teddy bear and card this year, I did thagt last year!
So I've kind of wanted to do something for a while. Let me throw something at you guys. I want to do my own kind of taxanomic "collection." It would involve finding an animal daily to look up. I think at first it would be an animal I see during my day, but after a while I'd just need to look some up online. With this animal I would get a picture (Or I was thinking a "sample" of things like insects, or even bird feather or something when possible) and I would also find it's official taxanomic classification and put that on a table along with important information on the species. Of course this would never be a complete collection, but that'd be okay, it could be a fun hobby. OR maybe since it would be my hobby I'd make it only animals I have encountered and not things I haven't seen for myself, or even at the zoo.... (Which means my wolf might be far off from now, hopefully August though)
I'd want to make this nice, so I'd have to put some money into it I think, you now, get pages laminated, or just those sleeves would work too.....
Let me know what you think? Give me ideas?
Quote of the Day:"Knowledge itself is power."


Anonymous said...

If you did it on the animals you see then it could be momentum to go out and find said animals...ummm...for Jay? SHUTTERFLY!!!! Love it, used it for my gift for Daniel...:)

CassandJayde said...

I think it's a wonderful idea! Jayde and I are enjoying spending time with you and Jay too. It's nice to just have a relaxing night with good company after a long week.

As for valentines, YOUR MARRIED GIRL!!! Think of something fabulously romantic! (They have very romance related games at stores such as Spencers that start out pretty innocent and end . . . in whatever manner you both want them to end.)

la carlotta said...

brooko!!! haha, that project totally sounds like you :) i like it. i think it sounds like a great hobby! i'm thinking the animals you see is a good idea....but if it ends up limiting it too much after a few weeks, maybe branch out then.