Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am the world's biggest procrastinator.... seriously
Here I am at Hale, plenty of time to do my homework, and I'm writing in my blog..... WHY?!
Sigh... I haven't ever really had any problems with my procrastination.... I'm proud to say I'm smart enough to kinda glide through school so far.... SO FAR I haven't had a problem this semester either.
I know the worst has yet to come though, and I need to break the cycle. Sigh, but I'll probably procrastinate until it actually hurts me.... why can't I learn my lesson before I get hurt? Anywho.... I'm way too freaking tired to do my homework right now.... ask Jay, I have no energy today...
I'm tired
What I'm grateful for:"Weekends."


la carlotta said...

you are so right, weekends are MOST certainly something to be greatful for! and dont worry, you'll never be as bad a procrastinator as me.....

CassandJayde said...

If you're the worst, I'm the second. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?????

Can't wait to finish the Tenth Kingdom!