Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Glass has a hole, let's give it a Bandaid

What an interesting week last week was. From my last post you can all tell that it started out fine. Things kinda had a downward slope last week. If you're interested in reading about my week, have at it. You might get a few chuckles.
Monday: Read my last post. If you're that interested.
Tuesday: The classes I'd rather not take but have to because they're fluff required for my major..... Well, they didn't go too bad, I didn't have my book for either of these classes. The people in my History of Science class all seem to have my major, kinda, theirs a few others in there. But they're all way farther along then I am. So feel out of place and stupid. All of these people are science buffs who've had nothing to do all their lives but play scientist. ANYWAY, the teacher is disorganized (like all scientists) so the class is really hard to follow.
I'm not saying I let this ruin my whole day, but I was a little stressed out. I can't remember what we did Tuesday night, I think we cuddled.
Wednesday: There was horrible traffic and I just barely made the train, lucky me. We watched a very interesting movie about the creation of Earth in Geology.
I was so happy to be back in biology that tears were forming in my eyes. It was tons of fun, I wore boots that day thinking the stand out for the bus ride was going to be bad like the days before when I didn't wear boots. It was a very pretty sunny and hot day. We went to work at Hale that night....
Thursday: Today was just plain upsetting.... not sure why. I failed a quiz cause my book had still not come, that made my day bad. And Subway sandwich from the day before was soggy, and I was hungry, so that sucked. I cried on the way home (I think the week was just getting to me) Jay came home early to help me stop.
Friday: I had a horrible sore throat when I woke up. It was awful. If I could I would have skipped school, but I had my first lab that day! So, Jay did the most awesome thing and took the day off and came with ME!!!!!! Hurray! So, the day was wonderful besides the sore throat. We went to a hockey game that I was totally miserable through but didn't want to leave cause Jay was enjoying himself. We came home and I fell asleep in my coat, jeans and hat.
Saturday: 2 AM I'm got up and stripped to nothing because I was dying of heat. Woke up at five and couldn't sleep after that, my throat KILLED!
We didn't really have money to go to the doctor, but there wasn't any other way to fix my problem. So went to instacare, copay 20 bucks, not bad. BUT there was no water fountain in the waiting room, and that sucked and was stupid. grrr we had to go find one. Idiots, you'd think you'd want one in there. ANYWAY Strep throat, shot in the butt, good to go. Not really. We went to lunch with my firends which was really nice, but awkward cause Jenelle's boyfriend was there and made an ass out of himslef in most of our opinions. So, as Jenelle suggested we go to her house we all made the excuse of having something to do, and ended up at Grandma's :D. We talked for a while, and Selina was being more understanding than usual and it was quite enjoyable.
I found some people to work for me, but we needded Jay to work because we needed the money. And that sucked. As soon as he left (seriously not even five minutes) something went wrong. We shall not speak of that.
I watched Poirot all afternoon long and was fairly miserable. Hastings kept good company, laughing at Poirot every once in the while, even though she wasn't in the room. She also watched Sox try and make his get away. Thank goodness for Hastings and an Absent Dee Ray. Gabby was happy I was home anyway, lol.
Sunday: My throat hurt so bad.... 4 AM, Jay gets up and makes me tea, such a great husband.
We skip church and sleep till I think 9. It was nice.... the we sat around ( I think) nutil we went to ny parents house to eat. That's a;ways fun... at least Gabby gets a walk out of it. We watched 24 with Carrie which turned out much more interesting than expeted, thanks guys.
I still felt like crap, the shot was taking forever to work. Jay was kind of distant all day, I think he was tired.
Monday:I was not prepared for another day of school. In the morning I still felt miserable
On the way, a homeless crazy guy in the trax wanted to talk... I indulged him, which was dumb, cause he missed his station, and I couldn't help him off of the next one. Thank God a young man came to my rescue.
The frontrunner dude said I needed a different bus pass. which was inconsistent with what I had been told before, but I figured I'd better listen. Classes went fine, I picked up a bus pass and was headed home, I was also feeeling tons better. Yay! Selina came and hung out for a while then we went to work.
I've done a lot of rambling. I thought I was explaining what had gone so wrong with my week. But I still don't understand why that week felt so bad. Besides the being sick part it was okay. I really need to keep my chin up I think. I hoped you enjoyed my Saturday as much as I did. :D
What I'm grateful for: My Pack, Awoowoowoo

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LOL! That of which we will not speak! It made my entire day!!!