Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love just gets stronger

I'll admit I've been stressed these past couple of weeks.
Going up to Ogden everyday, school, Jay going to school and being gone all night. It's all been getting to me. But this weekend was way awesome.
I got tons of time with Jay this weekend, and I realized that when we spend time with other people, it does not compromise "our" time together, it actually enhances it.
Friday night I came home pissy and wasn't very much fun, poor Jay.
But Saturday was fun. We kinda went on a shopping spree in the morning (Bad Brooke and Jay) and after work we went over to Hasting's new apartment, and that turned out to be really fun. Hanging with the monkey and my aunt, he he. We even got a great meal and our trip to Yellowstone kinda started planned.... that was so totally ungrammatical. But I make it a point not to backspace, that way I make sure my true thoughts get put down.
Sunday started out kinda blah. Church is always so hard. But Sunday night was fun, we went to dinner at Jay's parents and stayed and played Disney Scene it with his parents and Laura. Something I actually know! YAY!
On Monday, Jay stayed home "Sick" So we went to a movie with Brandy and Dan. I was feelin pretty sick, so I slept through a lot of it. But I got to sit in Jay's lap, so I was at least happy :D.
I got a great husband.
And I realized that to get the most out of my time with Jay doesn't require me and him all alone and only paying attention to each other. It doesn't require anything, being together is being together, period.
Thanks family for the great weekend
What I'm grateful for: Once again, my pack!
Quote of the Day:"Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody is looking."


CassandJayde said...

Jayde and I had such a great time too! We love the two of you very much! And I can't WAIT for Yellowstone!!!!

Jay said...

One more thing to add to the bottom of your quote...Sing like you're alone in the shower!!! Who cares if people are watching hopefully they wont laugh too hard!