Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Happy 2009!!!!
Guess I should write down some resolutions....
1)Try and save money for Yellowstone out of each paycheck we get.
2)Put some money away in savings
3)Take Gabby for a walk EVERY day
4)Drink at least two glasses of water or one water bottle a day
5)Try to control my emotions more and not get over-stressed or upset and depressed as much
6)Accept that going to Weber isn't going to be difficult, that I'll still see Jay every day.
7)Support Jay better
8)Help Jay with his homework as much as possible
9) (As soon as I get my books) Get all of my homework done on time
10)Actually study for tests... and finals
Ten resolutions are a lot, but I know there's a lot that needs to change, most of them will be pretty easy, especially the water thing...
Wish me luck, especially with numbers 5 and 6. I wish all of you luck on your resolutions.
What I'm grateful for:Long weekends with my husband.

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