Thursday, July 21, 2011

Week 34

Another week has gone by. HOLY COW!
So big, the stretch marks have come in. I'm very sad..... my poor body. They're mostly all around my thighs, but there are a few on my tummy. Blah.....
I had a baby shower on Saturday, Brandy threw it. It was the funnest shower I've had! Brandy really knows how to throw a party. So if you're lookin for a planner ask her! And can you say spoiled baby?! Stroller, carseat, diapers, lion king mobile, little baby backpack carrier thing, all kinds of stuff. I don't know how to thank everyone. :D :D :D Good party, exhausting day. After the baby shower we had to work 2 shows at Hale. I was ready to fall over by the time we got done...
Not much has gone on the rest of the week. Jay's been working 4/10's so far. So that he had yesterday off to get his car done. I also had a doctor's appointment yesterday, so he got to come with me. Not much goin on in the baby front. He's healthy, I'm healthy, everyone's happy. Next time we start checking my cervix and stuff. I'm not very happy about that. Oh well, such is being pregnant.
We lost a booba this week. Jayde's ferret, Max died.... poor guy. Broken rib pokin around where it shouldn't have been. It happens. There's a reason ferrets don't have a long life expectancy..... Still, I feel bad for Jayde and Carrie, and I shed quite a few tears over the little guy.
And, that's about it. It's summer.... not too much to talk about. So, talk to you next week.

Quote of the week: "Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." Will Durant


Jenelle said...

I call stretch marks "baby stripes" instead. It makes me feel better. My tummy is covered in baby stripes!

Brooke Funk said...

Hee hee baby stripes