Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 32

WHAT A WEEK! I'm still exhausted, because this weekend was intense.
On Friday we went camping with Jay's parent's at Willard Bay. We were planning on going to Pineview Reservoir, but by the time we got up there the campground was full. The north end of Willard was full too, which was kind of annoying, because that is the nicer camping area. But we still had a lot of fun. Jay made some awesome Dutch Oven Meals. I don't know that we'll keep doing that when we camp though, there's just too much leftover food, but it was super yummy. Good job Hubby.
We went home Sunday and showered and got all pretty. Then we headed right back up to Huntsville. Pam and Glenne took us out to a yummy mexican restaurant. Yum yum yum. Then we watched movies the rest of the night.
Monday morning we went kayaking! It was a lot of fun! I was happy because I didn't really get tired at all, I just had to pee at the very end. It made it hard to row, so I just let Jay row the rest of the way. I don't think it bothered him. ;)
Then we went home, watched even more movies, and set off some fireworks. We didn't get any of the aerial ones (can you think of what Grandpa would think of that?!) but we enjoyed the ones we had.
Tuesday, I was sooooo happy to have a normal day, I really needed to relax. So yeah, Tuesday was mostly boring until Jay got home. Then we went out to Chile's with Brandy and Selina. It was pretty good.
Now I have to stop here and explain some circumstances before I tell you about the rest of the night. Up to this point I hadn't gotten more than 2 hours sleep each night since the previous Thursday night. I kind of thought it was camping and then being in a strange (but comfortable) bed Sunday night. And on Monday night we slept in the grandparent's water bed. It was pretty hot and there was lots of noise from the fireworks. But I didn't get any sleep Tuesday night either, I think my belly has just made things to uncomfortable. Anyway, on with Tuesday night. Jay and I were just sitting and cuddling on the couch and I could not get comfortable AT ALL. Seriously, my back was just killing me. Blah. It got bad enough that I got myself all upset. Poor Jay, who was also tired from the previous weekend, got frustrated with me. Well, his frustration just totally set me off and suddenly I couldn't stop crying. It was bad.... seriously I think 30 minutes of me just screaming and crying into Jay's shoulder. (I think he realized that I really wasn't trying to be frustrated or upset and I think he felt bad for getting upset with me so he just held me.... he's a good husband) But yeah, I think the last month of back pain, pelvic pain, stomach aches and kicks, and just not being able to get comfortable finally got to me and I broke down.... sigh.... Pregnant Brooke was not happy. Then my wonderful hubby got a bubble bath going (not too hot), turned off the lights and lit some candles, set me in the tub and made me lay down. Then he sat outside the tub and just rubbed my back for a long time. It was very relaxing and I really appreciated it. Still, I didn't sleep well at all that night.
So, Wednesday was just kind of a miserable day. I was dragging all day. Jay came home early and we went to my doctor's appointment. First, we stopped at McDonald's and I ate some fries. They were hot and fresh, so they were wonderful. I hadn't eaten the rest of the day because I was just plain miserable, but the fries jump started my stomach and I think set me onto the road to recovery. I was in a much better mood for my doctor and everything was fine with Charlie. It's always nice to hear his heartbeat. I'm 132 pounds, holy cow. That's the top end of where I'm supposed to be right now (I blame all the good dutch oven eating and yummy mexican food) so I'm gunna start watching what I'm eating again until I get mid-range again. Then we went home and I ate 3/4 of a totino's pizza (Okay, NOW I'm watching what I'm eating) and watched movies until work. AND THANK THE LORD I SLEPT! 4 and a half hours! It was wonderful.... :)
I'm feeling much better now.... :) Childbirth class tonight... yup.

Quote of the Day: "People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one." (Or one in their tummy) Leo J. Burke

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