Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 35

Another exciting week of being preggy..... New annoying issue.... bloated feet..... My feet have gotten so bad this week that the pain starts radiating up into my legs. It made me cry because they hurt so bad on Tuesday. It's not nice, at all. But, just another part of being pregnant I guess..... I can't wait until my feet are able to shrink back to normal size though. My hands have been swollen too, just not to such a painful degree..... ok, I couldn't bend my fingers Sunday morning..... that was pretty bad. But still, it's my feet that are bothering me.
Anyway. Friday night was really fun. First, I went to dinner with my buddies, celebrating Olivia's soon to be marriedness.... that happens tonight! YAY! Congrats Olivia (who I don't believe reads this blog :D ). Then we went over to my Grandpa Gene and Grandma Sue's house to celebrate Pioneer Day. It was fun. They had a BBQ and then some fireworks. I spent most of the night talking to my Aunt Cindy, it's been a while since I've talked to her and she's a lot of fun to talk to. Sarcastic and very sassy. I love it. Sometimes I wish I was like that.
Saturday and Sunday I could hardly move due to swollen extremitites.... but I managed work and church and stuff.
Monday, I really can't remember what we did on Monday. There wasn't work, I know that... Dark Week. But I can't think of what we did! Oh my brain.
Tuesday I had my final baby shower!!! YAY! And, once again, my baby got spoiled..... it makes me soooo happy.
And yesterday we went shopping for the baby! Hee hee. It was fun. We bought a mattress for the crib downstairs and a diaper bag. I'm almost to the point that I have everything I need. I just want to have this baby so he can see how spoiled he is..... I'm starting to get worried about the labor process and everything, though. Last night I dreamed that my water broke while I was in bed. I didn't notice until an usher from work who is my bed told me that I was leaking all over the place. I look around and there's 2 ushers, Brandy, and me in my bed. I guess I was having a sleep-over and Jay was at work. Anyway. I called Jay and told him my water had broke but that I think he could stay at work until I hear if there was a problem or if I was going to go into labor. Then I went up to tell gram I needed to go to the hospital but that I wanted to shower and get dressed real quick beforehand. Grandpa was there and he was saying that it would need to wait until after about 3 because they needed to give Jerry a ride home (it was 9:30). Naturally I was very upset and frustrated that Jerry took precedence over getting me to the hospital. The dream had taken a bad turn and I was very happy when I opened my eyes and I was still in bed. Jay was holding me in his sleep and I snuggled closer. I'm so grateful for such a loving husband.
Well, tonight is my last prenatal class. I'm excited because we get to tour the hospital today! YAY! But I'm sad because I've actually really enjoyed this class, which I didn't expect I would. At least I know a little bit more about labor and stuff.
Guess I'll write again next week!

Quote of the Week: "In science, 'fact' can only mean 'confirmed to such a degree that it would be perverse to withhold provisional assent.' I suppose that apples might start to rise tomorrow, but the possibility does not merit equal time in physics classrooms." Stephen Jay Gould

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