Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 40

Well, the 40th week of pregnancy has sure been stressful. I think that must be because Charlie came a week early and I've had a baby all week! Ha ha ha. Sorry, that was dumb. I'm just tired.
Yup, Charlie came on Monday. And boy he's a cutie-pie.
Labor is interesting. I'll tell you about mine. So, I woke up at 1am to a really bad crampy tummy. It came and went, but each one came only about 2 minutes apart. Right off the bat. I went potty, just to see if there was a problem because of that. Didn't help. In fact, it just hurt to sit up.
So, I went back downstairs and cuddled my husband. I told him it hurt really bad and decided to try going potty again. Jay came with me.
Sometime after that (a little after 3) we decided that though we thought it was false labor that we might as well go to the hospital because we weren't gunna get anymore sleep that night and I was supposed to spend the day up at Weber so we should check just to be safe.
We got to the hospital at 3:45 and I was talking to the nurse who was checkin me and I told her I thought I was being really silly, because I hadn't been having cramps long. She said, no, I wasn't being silly....I had super strong and close together contractions and she thought I was in labor. Oh the child with the worst timing ever.
Anywho.... I didn't start with any pain killers. I wanted to be able to walk around and take advantage of the jacoozi  (no idea how to spell that). Well.... Jay and I sat and talked for a few minutes then decided to try and call Brandy and my parents while we walked around the hospital for a while..... not very successful. But eventually Brandy called back and we told her not to come too early cause I was only at a 2 and we'd be there a while. Then we went back to the room and I laid down because I was hurting pretty bad. Jay went to McDonalds ( I think) to get some breakfast. (Or was it the cafeteria?) During that time, I started hurting REALLY bad! Seriously, I started to cry.... It was only about 6 too. (though where that 2 hours went I'll have no idea cause it just flew by). I was doing a pretty good job breathing through them before that, but at this point they would catch me off guard and hurt really bad before I had a chance to get breathing right. Jay got back and I told the nurse I really wanted the epidural, especially because they wanted to break my water, which would make my contraction worse. Well the anesthesiologist (holy cow! I spelled that right the first time!) was in helping with a c-section, but the nurse offered me demurral (spelling?) but I'd have to stay in bed and be hooked to the monitors for the rest of labor.... darn it.
Well I had 2 doses of that stuff. And it worked well. I could feel my contractions still, but they weren't too bad. But I did get super loopy. It was fun. I don't know if Brandy and mom showed up just after the first or second dose but I was happy to see them. Then we played killer bunnies. To be honest I don't know if that was before or after the epidural. And Daddy showed up somewhere in there too.
About the epidural: Not bad at all. It might just be because I was already on drugs, but there wasn't much pain and Jay helped me out a lot just holding my hand being there.
From there, time drug on. Dad left.... got a flat tire.... had Steven pick him up and then Steven was there! Then at some point My contractions got so they were practically constant and I started feeling miserable again, so I asked for a dosage up on my epidural. Then poor Charlie's heart rate got really low. Apparently every time I had a contraction his heart rate would drop. They had switch sides every time it got low and that didn't help a whole bunch so they put me on oxygen so that he had some when he got stressed out.  The oxygen actually perked me up quite a bit for a while. It was nice. And then..... my epidural ran out. Yup, ran out. The machine started beeping and everything. And guess who was helping with a c-section again. *akfhkjsahgldg* Ugh miserable miserable miserable. Finally he got there..... and it seems like 15 minutes after he got it going again it was time to push. I was just starting to feel better. I let everyone stay.... they were making me happy. And it turns out it wasn't a bad decision.... there were many many jokes.

So, pushing went really well. It was only an hour total. So far as I know there weren't any problems. I got pretty delirious in the end. Eventually there was a baby on my chest, my bare chest (when did I get naked?) I cried, I was so happy with him. But he wasn't crying, so they took him away to suction him and try to get him crying. Jay stayed and held my hand, I needed that. Eventually they decided he was ok, just really lazy. And I got to hold him and try to feed him. Unsuccessful. Then a bunch of people came and they held him and they took him and Jay away to take give him a bath. I was taken to the room that would be my prison for the next few days.
It wasn't that bad. But I really couldn't get Charlie to eat. It was frustrating, he just wanted to sleep. So, everyone eventually left and Jay and I tried to sleep. The nurses brought Charlie in to eat whenever he was hungry. Not very often and he only tried for about a minute each time..... such a lazy boy.
The next day was boring, people came and went. There was a marvelous fruit basket that made me and Jay SUPER happy. Jay went home and showered and I missed his support.
Then came bed-time again. And that sucked. Charlie refused to eat. Eventually it had been 5 hours since he had eaten at all and the nurses were starting to get worried. At one point the nurse said she'd take him to the nursery and bring him back in an hour. Well, I didn't sleep for that hour and then I was in and out for the next hours wondering where the heck my baby was. My sleepy brain had convinced myself that he had died and they were just waiting to tell us at a decent hour of the day..... oy. Jay went somewhere.... I don't know where but while he was gone I heard the squeeky wheels of Charlie's  cart coming down the hall. I was so happy. But still, he wouldn't eat! So the nurse decided to go check his blood sugar to see if he was ok. While she was gone the crazy lil guy latched on and started eating. She got back, but I made her check his blood sugar anyway. It was fine..... DARN lazy baby.
The next day was the day to go home.... took forever, hospitals are slow. Before we went home we stopped at WIC to pick up a breast pump.... what a mistake. All the noise and people just sent me into a panic attack. Thank God for Jay. Then we finally got home..... and we were just so tired. Nothing was any fun. That night was ok.... still really hard to wake up the baby.
Since then, we've had one bad night and one really good night. So, we're hoping things are gunna get better.
Charlie had his circumcision yesterday.... my poor little sore baby.
And it's taken me more than 2 hours to write this. Brooke out!
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Oh how I love my little lazy Nephew!