Friday, July 18, 2014

Good and Bad

Hey all, I am kind of tired, so this post will probably be very brief. Also, I don't feel like talking about  the negative of this week, because whenever I think about it, it makes me unhappy and I don't feel like being unhappy right now.

Heber Workshop

Granger had a workshop for teachers they asked to be PLC leaders this week. It was two days long and it was up in Heber. It was pretty fun because they got us rooms in a hotel for Monday night. It was a pretty place and it was kind of nice to be on my own. True, I got a little lonely and down, but to be fair to myself, that had a lot to do with the negative part of the week that I'm not going to talk about.
I got lonely enough that I decided to take a drive to the gas station to get a coke and that really helped perk me up. Then I pretty much put the the TV on for some noise and I worked on a curriculum map for AP bio. It made me happy.
I haven't spent a lot of nights without Jay since we were married and that was kind of strange, but the pillows were really comfortable and I'm contemplating making Jay buy me about 8 such pillows that I can just pile up around my body at night.
Oh, the workshop was good, too. I'm pretty excited to start working in PLC at Granger this year. I'm a little nervous about my department buying into the whole idea, but I think they'll come around in time. I'm mostly worried that the veteran teachers won't appreciate a 3-year teacher being in charge, but I'm pretty sure they all think I'm up to the job. We'll just see how it goes come August, eh?


Charlie is still growing too fast for me. There's not much else to report, though. We went to a splash pad yesterday and that was fun for him. He was kind of scared of getting water in his face at first. He got a little bit better, but then he got really cold. So, we went and played at the park nearby. Watching him climb up the ladders to slides is so scary. I just want to rush up help him up there, but then he doesn't learn how to navigate them himself. But, I watched him fall from the ladder and grab back on mid-fall twice yesterday (stupid girl who was sitting at the top of the ladder and wouldn't move) and each time my heart about leaped out of my chest to catch him itself. He'd have gotten mad at me if I would have helped  though, Mr. Independent.


The kid inside of me wiggles around more and more every day. I can't wait until the 31st and I get another ultrasound to see him. Though, that appointment also has some rather uncomfortable aspects to it. (Yucky yucky sugar drink thing).

Like I said, I don't have much more to report. I am rather tired, so I think I'll stop there.
Here are some iPhone pics of the splash-pad, though.

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Brandy Brown said...

Looks like you had fun! I'm jealous of your Heber trip