Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer some more:

I did it! I'm writing in this blog and it's only been a day more than a week. It's kind of nice because it's only been a week and I really don't have too much I have to write about. So, it shouldn't take hours! 
Summer is going fast, I can't believe it's already July. I'm happy to be spending some time with my little guy. I haven't had the whole week with him this week, due to some meetings at school and some associated work, but we have had some time to just chill on the couch. I've been rather lazy because I've been tired, so it's pretty much been a tv week, but it's been a good week. Next week I have work nearly the whole week, but I'm planning on making up for it the days I don't work the week after. I'm thinking we'll even have to skip nap time one day and hit a swimming pool.


I guess I could explain about school taking over my summer. My department is getting paid for collaborating on common assessments this summer and we started those meeting this week. It's been rather scary because I somehow was made the PLC leader of my department. So I've been leading these meetings and trying to convince my department that the change to a PLC scheme is for the best. I don't know if I've done the best job at it, but I have a pretty good quote from the book that I'm being paid to read to share with them. 
Why is it so scary to lead, you ask? Well, I'm only in my 2nd year of teaching and I have been put in charge of  teachers who have been teaching for 15-25 years. Luckily, everyone likes me and we have the same viewpoint on a lot of things, but still. I have already had the seniority and played on me. I'm relieved that it was the wife of a teacher and not the teacher himself, but still... 
Why aren't these senior teachers in charge? I really have no idea because they are really really good teachers, somehow they just got on the bad side of the administration, so here I am. The reason the administration gave me was that I was the only teacher who has some kind of data analysis going on concerning my assessments. But, I've been keeping such simplistic data... I dunno, I'm just worried about feelings getting hurt. Another worry is that I guess I get to do the number crunching for the whole department once we start taking these assessments. They're paying me for an extra period do it, but with all of my other obligations it seems daunting.
Oh, and in 2 weeks I get to go to some special training to be a PLC leader. They're putting us up in a hotel and everything, so I'm excited. I like hotels.
Next week, though, is what I've been worried about for the last few months. It's a four day training in Woods Cross (no hotel) on teaching AP Biology. Here's the thing about AP. I'm excited to teach it, and even a little excited to grade papers for it, but I'm not excited to plan the curriculum for it. With a baby on the way, it's a scary big task. I'm hoping this conference will give a lot of resources and not stress me out too much. I know I need to go in with the idea that there's no way that I can do everything they teach me, at least not in my first year teaching AP. I just have to do the best I can do.


Mostly more of the same stuff for Charlie. He's super cute and has the personality of a hundred two year olds. 
New cutest Charlie saying ever: "Nice _____ you have." So cute. 
Nice house you have. 
Nice shoes you have.
Nice dog you have. ;)
I love this kid.

Being pregnant

I've definitely felt pregnant this week. I get tired so easily. I've decided on Hale days in going to have to take it easy as much as I can so that I can actually make it through Hale. This really worried me when I think about school starting. But, I'll figure it out and just try and enjoy it as much as possible.
I swear this kid like to play jump rope with his umbilical cord. He's kicking my butt. Hard.


Well, it's happening. We're about to get some new tenants. We're in Colorado as I write getting them packed up to move into our home! One day more and we'll all be there, together. I'm sure there will be challenges, but t should be fun!

Let's see if I rember to write, or even have one to, next week.

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