Monday, December 15, 2008

Feels Like God is kicking us while we're down.

Okay, that's probably borderline blasphemy, sorry. I know God's not gonna give me anything I can't handle. BUT I CAN'T HANDLE ANYMORE!!!!!!!
WHY?! Why does my car have to break down at least once every freaking month, and just suck any extra funds we have into the black hole of the economy. WHY!? won't AAA pick up my car. And why do days that were going so well have to turn ugly so suddenly. AHGG, is it really a reason to cry!? Probably not, but bawling I am. Things are just going from bad to worse for me and Jay. Nothing has really gone right at all for us in the last couple months, which throws a damper on our lovely newly-wed life that we're supposed to be having.
AND apparently I've been driving around without insurance. Cause AAA won't pick up my car because I'm not on the account.
Why isn't anything working out! :'(
I need Jay. If he were here nothing would go wrong. I always manage to cause all of the trouble, and he sits there helpless at work.
What I'm grateful for: STUPID car didn't break down on the freeway this time


Anonymous said...

I love you Brooke-0...I know you don't want to hear it but try to see the positive: at least you found out before you got in a serious accident. Maybe the Lord is protecting you.

CassandJayde said...

Sweet Poirot . . . Don't you know that every new young couple starts out the first year realizing that life really is hard? Things will get better, I promise you that. And Japp is right, could have been a heck of a lot worse.