Monday, December 8, 2008

The snow on a dreary day

I haven't see the sun all day. I never used to think I was affected by the weather, (winter-time has usually been a happy time of year) but this year, I think it's really getting to me. Whenever it's a dreary, sunless day like this one, my mood seems to plummet. All I can think of is Jay all day and how we're not together and how we never have enough time together.
And it makes me sick, I just had a good weekend with him, though it went too fast. I need to love the time I have with Jay and create a life for myself while Jay's at work. HOPEFULLY, I'll begin to realize soon that that life needs to focus around school for now. It's just hard, I know, get over it!
On sunny days I do better, I realize I need to enjoy what I've got for now when the sun shines. And my mood is 100% better.
Well, life is about to get extremely boring for a few weeks, but I think it'll be dampened by the upcoming return to school and my first semester at Weber. I'm so scared, for some reason, of going to Weber.... It seems so far away, but it's only about an hour drive....Just scares me though... I hate change... Can someone just call me everyday for a couple of weeks while I'm up there to keep me from breaking down up there, like I did at Utah State... *breathe girl Breathe* I just need to remember I will be coming home EVERY DAY!
Oh boy.... what a foul look on school
Almost forgot, happy thought for the day: ONE MORE CHEMISTRY CLASS, WISH JAY AND ME LUCK ON TOMORROW'S FINAL! :D okay so I'll have chemistry for another 2 or tree years, but such is life. :D
Quote of the Day:"Live life to the fullest... think of all the people on the Titanic who passed up chocolate dessert."

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