Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well, there's never a better time than Christmas to enjoy being with your pack! And I have much to consider to be thankful for! Thanks all around to whoever takes the time to read this blog, cause you're the ones who care, really, thanks! Thanks to my Grandparents and Jay's parents, Christmas is gonna be very nice.
I love Christmas, it's gotten a little routine over the years, which is really sad. But hopefully Jay and I can create brand new, wonderful traditions that we can enjoy forever, or at least till we have kids, which I'm sure will add even new light to Christmas....
And a small touch on the religious side of Christmas.... I've never really had a Christmas when I've really thought about Jesus. It's odd to me. Now, going to church and living with a husband who does believe in Christ, it's actually nice to think about and be thankful for the birth of such a great person. Does anyone else, even if you're not religious, believe that pictures of Jesus are very beautiful. Well, to the non-religious, isn't wonderful that people think so highly of this person, that create such a beautiful representation of him. I'm thankful for that. I look at pictures of him and just stop, getting the chill I get when I see something that I think is "big!" Jesus is "big!"
Quote of the Day:"God Bless us Everyone!"

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CassandJayde said...

Merry Christmas, Poirot. Yes, the representations of Jesus are beautiful. And the fact that a race can come together in one mind on one day (for love and humanity, Jesus or no) is an incredible and beautiful thing.