Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big down... bigger up

Wow... if anyone saw me yesterday, and what a wreck I happened to be... I PROMISE life is not always like that for me! Yesterday was just one unfortunate incident piled on top of each other one after the other! Holy COW! Luckily for me... I have a wonderful husband who came home early to comfort me after a horrible day. I appreciate that so much. BUT! Today is so much better. I'm feeling optimistic and happy.
So, at about 4:30 this morning I could here rain... I love that sound, it's wonderful (By the way, did anyone else see the lightening last night!?) You may be wondering why I was up at 430 in the morning, well...I think the long day had caught up with me... I digress.
When I went upstairs and looked out the window there was... as if you don't know this already....SNOW! I was really hoping the snow would hold off until fall was done being so pretty. But now that we're here we have to enjoy how very beautiful the snow is. Look at the sun through a snow covered tree. A very impressive sight.
Other updates on Brooke
-My car is working!!!
-My laptop has been repaired and is being shipped!
-I caught Gabby choking on a bone yesterday, she's not dead!
-Brooke and Jay are doing wonderful still
-please if anyone needs help with anything let me know.
I love all of you! SO so so so much!
Quote of the day: "You ought to follow the example of the shunk-tokecha (wolf). Even when he is surprised and runs for his life, he will pause to take one more look at you before he enters his final retreat. So you must take a second look at everything you see."


CassandJayde said...

Glad you're having a better day today!

Anonymous said...

Non mi piace la neva....damn it all!! I'm glad you're having a better day.Poor Gabby, I hate bones for that reason..I woke up at 1:30 this morning and thought it was 5:30 so I took a shower and everything....makes me a little pissy ummmit thundreed at about 5:45 and Gidget had a frickin' cow!