Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Lazy week for Brooke-0

I just haven't felt like doing anything this week, so far.... except for Monday. I got quite a bit done on Monday actually. But right now... I just want to read my book... I'll probably finish it today if I read as much as I did yesterday. Which is fine by me! I think we all have these weeks, okay I hope we all do, or I'm gonna feel like crap... ;)
I think it's because it's the end of the semester... and it's the last semester full of General classes for me... after this, the real deal starts, up at Weber... I'm slightly excited.
MOSTLY I'M EXCITED FOR TURKEY DAY!!!!! I love family get-togethers... and I get to get together with 2 families this year! I went to Jay's Parent's last year, but now i get to do it as actual married in family.... I don't know how it's any different, but it is. It'll be a full day of eating!!!! BUT, it'll be a relax day... a day without CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!! (maybe a little homework...) Mostly, it'll just be cuddle time. I loves cuddle-time....C'mon, I know you're all excited.
Finals.... wow, It's amazing how I don't even care this semester... I figure that except in Chemistry my final grade won't really be too badly effected by the final.... YAY Brooke! I like my brain... it's just so school oriented... it's like, I know how exactly what a teacher wants and that's what I put... I think I get it from Carrie
Quote of the Day:" A mountain with a wolf on it stands a little taller." Edward Hoagland


Anonymous said...

I'm excited too...except for I think I'm going to Dan's house this Thanksgiving.

CassandJayde said...

LOL! Thanks! Are you saying I'm a people pleaser? I'm excited for Thanksgiving this year because I have no plans except Grams. No rushing and fussing.