Monday, November 24, 2008

My tire burst but not my Day

Today... boy what a Monday it has been.
First it was a late night last night and what little sleep I got was spotted with me waking up.... ha ha. Jay and I skipped the shower today and just slept in.... much needed, trust me...
Then I went to class... got home and tried to write an essay.
Then Colton came over... which is always fun. We went over to Slcc to get him some forms he needed to apply for school. After that we were going to go to lunch with Jay. Well, on the way over my front tire burst.... good thing there was a Colton there (THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH MY FRIEND!) One) He kept me calm, I didn't freak out and make the situation worse! Two) There was no way I was getting that tire off by myself, thank God for making man well, manly ;) Three) I had someone to stand with when my grandparents went to go fill my donut with air.
So, basically, having Colton around made my day tons better. I don't even feel bad right now... I'm a little worried about finding a new tire... but it'll all work out, hopefully. I'm still feeling pretty good. Got lots of homework to do... I'm hoping tonight goes well, and hoping Jay and I can get our homework done and not have any problems... only 9 problems though, we can do it!
Love you all,
Quote of the Day:"It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions
in favour of vegetarianism, while the
wolf remains of a different opinion."

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CassandJayde said...

Everything WILL work out. It always does. And isn't it amazing how just knowing you have a friend in your corner can turn your entire perspective around?