Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Best Things in Life

The best things in life come from your pack. Because of the hard days we all go through (no matter what you do) we often think that we are not getting the best out of life. We think we're to busy. Sometimes we are. Whether we have the time or not, we all need to stop and enjoy the best things in life. Life doesn't seem so bad once we stop and think about what makes us happy. It's usually something very simple.
My favorite thing to do is to cuddle with my honey-bear. Just sitting there in his arms is enough to make the rest of the day livable. We cuddle every morning and every night. He cuddles me when I'm not feeling very good, or when I'm sad. Nothing makes me happier and I can't wait till bedtime every day because sleep only comes after some cuddles. Some days we get in some extra cuddling when there's time to watch TV, or when there's a little time before we have to go to Hale.

The smell of rain always brings a smile to me face. It feels like all the bad has been washed away for just a few moments and the fresh clean smell of the rain fills the world, making optimism possible.

When I come home from wherever I've been I am always greeted by a jumping mass of fur. It feels great to be loved so much, even if it's slightly painful being pushed to the ground by a very excited Gabby.

I get the same thrill whenever my husband walks through the door.

Included in my list of happy things is reading, listening to thunder, watching the birds play outside, and bubble baths.

Cool October mornings are the best time to take a walk and reflect on what makes you happy.
All of these things are easy to take for granted, they're normal, everyday things, so simple, but so beautiful. I'm thankful for every one.

Quote of the Day: "Anyone who has ever heard it when the land was covered with a blanket of snow and elusively lighted by shimmering moonlight, will never forget the strange, trembling wolf cry." ~ Unknown

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CassandJayde said...

I adore reading your blog. I can't wait for each post. I love you for always making me smile.