Friday, October 17, 2008

A Day at the ZOO

Today me and some of my pack went to the zoo! I love the zoo, it gives me opportunity to see animals that I'll probably never have the chance to see in the wild. Especially since some of them are so endangered and near extinction!
Anyway, it as a lot of fun! There was a wild cats show, they brought in an Amor (Siberian) Tiger to show us some of their training methods.
I loved spending time with my brother, cousin, and grandparents. All of the animals were up and active because it was a cool day!
Also! I got to do something I'll never get to do again. I got to ride a wolf!
LOL... okay it was on a carousel, but STILL it was awesome!


CassandJayde said...

Damn it! I wish I would have had the whole day off to go too!

Lagoon, Sunday? I hope I can afford for Blue Eyes and I to go!

Anonymous said...

:(....I wish I could havegone