Friday, October 24, 2008

A weekend with my Pack!

Finally, the weekend we have all been waiting for has come, well, nearly enough anyway! I can't wait to spend the next two days (wow even tonight with Jay's pack) with my favorite people! This weekend has always been a blast!!!!!!!! I'm so excited... I feel so comfortable around these people and we always talk about very interesting, or sometimes stupid... things! It's very relaxing... And on Sunday I get to scare the crap out of myself at lagoon... I wonder why that's so much fun... Ahhh... I'm content... there's a dog at my feet, a kitten at my keyboard a ferret in my lap, and a husband in my heart. AND NOTHING WILL RUIN THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!
I'm glad Dan gets to come, but I think it's silly they have to leave early....
ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to all... we can be nuts today!!!! And I'm in the mood for CHILI!!!
I feel like I've been caged these past 2 months or so... I get so depressed when I'm tethered to the routine of daily life. I don't like big changes, but I do like variation... and Hey, a big change thrown in wouldn't kill me.. it'd give me new things to think about. People shouldn't be caged in there homes, or their jobs or their schooling... We at least shouldn't think of it that way... But we do, and it's really hard not to. At least God opens the cage every now and again and lets us out to have some fun... But then the devil throws us right back in. And there's nothing God can do until we die, and then him and Jesus is going to plead our case for judgment.. if we haven't been good with our free time we gotta go back to the cage. But if we have, we're free forever! (okay that was a really odd little side not for me... I'm really not a religious person....) I've had my Jay thrown in the cage with me (yay!) but still... now I'm excited to break free!!!! I get to have some fun..
Quote of the Day: "Wolves housed in cages which are far too small, are still among the most pitiful of all caged animals."
~ Conrad Lorenz, King Solomon's Ring, 1952

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YAY!!! Pam's House!!!!