Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great weekend, Back to the Grind

AWOOOOwoowoowoowoo. In the words of the famous Gabby......
Sigh, this weekend was awesome! (Aside from spilling hot chocolate on my new laptop, which is getting repaired hopefully as we speak) It was all I thought it'd be and more. Very relaxing, exactly what was needed to clam my nerves. Thanks guys for making my weekend SWEET!!!!
I've been talking to a friend from High School this morning... She's having my troubles... School is just getting to the point of killing us... It's not that it's hard... It's tiring... WE WANT TO RELAX> So much school is making me hate what I chose to major in because looking ahead, it's only getting harder. Most of my future classes is going to require labs and independent research. Which sucks, cause Brooke will have no life. AND SHE JUST WANTS HER HUSBAND!!!! Anything that takes away from our time together is the ENEMY! I'm thinking that might lead to a lighter load once I start being buried in labs... cause I gotta have a life. I'm not giving up because it's too hard, (that would kill my pride) but I'm thinking lightening the amount of classes I take will at least give me the time I need with Jay to keep from going insane. Especially cause labs are like 3 hours long and if I have too many they'll have to be at night. I would like some opinions on this though, if you wouldn't mind.... Being stressed makes me extremely emotional.
ANYWAY!! This Friday should also prove to fun because it's HALLOWEEN!!! And I refuse to do homework once J gets home! lol I love Halloween... and we're gunna watch movies all night (after going trick or treating, is Carrie and Jayde coming?) lol I'm going to be a pirate wench... yay!
I'm happy because the hard part of the week is over!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!
Quote of the Day: " "It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be."
~ Virgil, Aeneid


CassandJayde said...

The first thing that I have to say is that you need to keep in mind that while it's hard now, it will make your life SO much easier later on down the road. You'll make more money while putting in less time. This is short term!

That said, there's nothing wrong with getting your education in a rythym. Tough this semester, lighter next, then back to tough again. Especially if you plan on school during the summers. Just don't jeopardize any grants or loans you have by not getting in all of your credits.

Finally, heck yeah we're coming trick or treating! It's Aaron's weekend with the baby, though, so the dads are coming too.


Anonymous said...

1) As long as you don't take it too slowly...I mean, get it over now and not have to do it again!!!!
2)I'm going lighter next semester too....I cna't handle 17 credit hours, a boyfriend and two part time jobs...well, I can but it's difficult