Thursday, October 2, 2008

Society is failing in a way that wolves can't understand

Today on the morning news there was a story about an old woman who had received a knock on the door. It were three men who said they would pull her weeds for money. She agreed. A little later they knocked on her door again, stabbed her, and pistol whipped her. They stole her big-screen tv and other valuables.
My car radio faceplate was stolen about a month ago. Not much you can do with that except sell it. Jerk. Thanks for making my faith in people drop from trusting and hopeful to not even close to optimistic.
I just wanna say, how! How! HOW!!
How can anyone do such an inhumane thing to another human being! How can anyone do such a thing to anything! It's horrible. The news is just getting worse and worse too. We hear of kinds of robberies, rapes, murders, and assault on the news! Has life gotten so bad that it's now man eat man? It's horrible. One of the most depressing times of my day is when I hear of things like that. I think that people who could do such a thing really need to look at what exactly they are doing. Would a man want HIS daughter raped, or murdered, or both. I think we need to look at the value of other people's lives! C'mon people, HOW!!!!!!!??????????
You can't say society has gone to the dogs, because not even dogs act like this. I swear, some of these people think it's fun to do this, or make a living out of it! Wolves only kill what they need to survive. They may profit at others' expense, but that's the way they survive. Humans can get a job. Sorry. If you're gunna steal, steal food! That's the only thing that I can even partially forgive for. There's should be no other reason for stealing other than surviving. And really, that shouldn't be allowed either.

Quote of the Day: "To look into the eyes of a wolf is to see your own soul - hope you like what you see."
~ Aldo Leopold

Ok ok. Now for a happy moment after all of you are depressed to the point of never reading this blog again!!!! It's October! Best month of the year. I'm so excited for Halloween!!! Jay and I want to be Peter Pan and Captain Hook!!!!
There's the vice-presidential debate tonight!! That ought to be as funny as watching a dog chase it's tail. We'll be doing chemistry homework while watching. (Sorry, another depressing note) :D
I really do LOVE life!!! I love Jay, I love my family, I love the rain, the sun, the crisp mornings of Utah! I love MOUNTAINS!!! Look at them in the morning folks, they're a pretty sight during sun-rise!

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CassandJayde said...

Feeling down about humanity myself, Poroit. But you are right, watching Palin "Gosh" and "Gee" was the most amusing part of the day!