Sunday, October 5, 2008

Life with Ferrets

Sometimes people (especially my family) make really random choices. One of those choices was deciding to get a ferret. Sox.....It may have seemed like an odd decision, but I believe that Sox was the best investment we ever made. Having a ferret totally changes what you think is funny. This is a picture of him in his New Halloween Costume. Yawning... ferrets are always yawning. They sleep at least 18 out of the 24 hours in a day.

Because of out good friend Sox, we have "invested" in 4 more ferrets. Each one of them has his/her own personality. And each of them makes my heart glow with each new funny hour of the day when we play.
Smallest to largest we have Moose, Patch, Sox, Charlie, and Doozer. Doozer and Charlie are the youngest, but they're the fattest!!!! If you go anywhere near the cage (you have to sneak up on them though, or they'll all come and look pathetic) Charlie is eating, Doozer is sleeping on the litter covered floor, Sox and Patch are huddled together on the carpeted floor and Moose is usually curled underneath one of those two.
The ferrets play very well with the other pets, it's always interesting to see the maybe 4 inch tall Sox tackling the 3 foot Gabby. Very hardy creatures, but the dogs make sure to be as gentle as they possibly can, but I don't think I'd let then play without supervision.
The ferrets are awesome with people. Our ferrets do not bite, they're absolute cuddle-bums. Sometimes they thow Hissy fits over a treat they shouldn't have (Chocolate, Licrorice) and make some pretty scary noises when we try to take them away. But they've never hurt anybody.
Inshort, ferrets are great pets and I just HAD to brag about my fuzzy-family. (More to come on the other pets.) I feel like all of my pets are part of my family. (My pack)
Now... just a little on the people who abuse their pets, or the people who believe that God does not love his animals as much as he loves us. Or the scientists who claim that our animals do not have feelings. You are all idiots... Seriously. They do have a personality, and the people who say they don't have souls, or that they don't have feelings, just make me so angry. How can you say they don't feel. I get home and Gabby practically knocks me over because she's so happy to see me. She also knows fear and I think she feels safer with me and Jay than she ever has before... I know Gabby feels. Neco was ashamed of herself every time she had an accident or tore up something that was just to irresistable. She would try to hide under the bed because she knew she'd get in trouble. (And that's impressive because she was a great dane)
Anyway, take care of your pets people, they're part of your family!
Quote of the Day:"Now the hungry lion roars,
And the wolf behowls the moon."
~ Shakespeare

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CassandJayde said...

Shhh. Don't tell anyone. But they are kind of cute!